The Submissive Male


I wanted to write about the submissive male for a number of different reasons:

A) Because I think Men might be reading this and still shy to speak up to me.

B) Because Men might be having problems coming to terms with the idea that they enjoying being submissive, to either a woman or a man.

C)  Because the notion fascinates me, the Dominant male and I want to open it up to any guys on here that want to talk about it.

There’s this unwritten guy code where men don’t talk about their feelings. To do so would show a sign of weakness, etc. My father possessed that rather complex point of view, brought on by his own father, which was probably brought on by his own father – and on goes this old world thinking down the line.

I don’t want to think like that. I live my life open to all sorts of experiences and sensations. And I will argue and convince over men to do so otherwise.

So if you’re a man and you’re flirting with the idea of being submissive – talk about it. If not to me, then to someone else. (Although, I’d love to hear from your perspective)

Some men might think it is gay to be submissive. That’s folly. A submissive man can be in a relationship with a Domme woman. There is nothing ‘gay’ about that at all. A man might let his mistress play with him anally. Anal stimulation does not equal homosexuality. It’s because anal stimulation is associated with gay men that it’s perceived as a homosexual thing. But so what? Explore yourself.

Furthermore, there is nothing with being homosexual. At all. So you like the same sex? So what? If you’re nice to me and others, I’ve got nothing against you. It shouldn’t be a big deal. But I digress.

I feel like many men have misconceptions when it comes to submission and sexuality and it’s a whole lot of stress. The people that worry that much about it are most likely to end up gay anyway, so there you are.

Personally, submissive males fascinate me. Their mindset fascinates me. Why they submit, what goes through their mind. The mind is a sexy thing so the whole idea intrigues me because as I identify as a Dominant, it’s kinda alien. I mean, sure it’s somewhat similar to how a lady might feel about submission but then men and women’s brains are wired differently.

I’d love to rack a submissive male’s brain. Just like a Q and A session, only relaxed. But then I am fascinated by psychology, men don’t always like talking about their feelings and it’s not like I can walk outside and strike up a conversation with one so I’m at square one in that regard.

If there are men reading this, I say this: Do what makes you happy. Wade through the fear. Follow your heart.

If all else fails, I’m here for a chat.

18 thoughts on “The Submissive Male

  1. Submissive men are endlessly fascinating. It seems like there are as many differences between male and female submissives as there are similarities. The psychological differences intrigue me.

    I applaud you for opening up this topic and l be keeping an eye here for comments.

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    1. Thanks, Emi. It’s fascinating to me too. It appears we are of a similar mind here. It’s alarming that some of us men have this mindset where they will be perceived weak. But that’s silly.


      1. We all know it takes more strength to submit than it does to resist. When I see an intelligent man conquer his own ego and submit, I see nothing but strength. I respect that so much more than the man who is afraid of appearances. 🙂

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  2. I cannot shed any light on a male submissive’s mindset, but I have a confession. I was quite surprised to be aroused by this photo. I have always believed myself to be more submissive (although that has been debatable) but my reaction to this image was powerful … and not in a submissive way.


  3. It’s funny that you posted this entry right now; I have had several submissive men contacting me on another kink-friendly site that I frequent.
    Let it be known that I identify as a slave, and I am owned and collared. What is it about me personally that these men gravitate toward?
    I have spoken to a few of them, and if I think it’s difficult to be “out” as a woman, it’s exponentially difficult for them (one little slutboy friend of mine is from India, therefore he would never be allowed to submit to a woman without shame).
    I have never thought of myself as a switch, but these little guys are definitely opening me up to several possibilities: I have a fantasy of a service-oriented twink living in my house and helping with domestic chores, lol.


  4. Great post! I’m glad I stumbled onto it. I am a multigendered (biologically female) Dominant, and I have a male sub who is actually a switch. We’d be happy to talk to You sometime if you’re looking for insight. He doesn’t have a blog on here, but I can always sit him down in front of a computer or email if necessary.

    Following. I look forward to reading more of Your posts. 🙂


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