Contemplating expanding to more Social Media sites

I’m thinking about expanding upon my reach with my blog. I’m talking a Facebook and Twitter. Question is: would people be willing to follow it on either Facebook OR Twitter? These are social platforms and might be more personal for followers. So some of you might not want to follow said pages and thus, expanding to social platforms might be irrelevant.

What say you, ladies and gents?


10 thoughts on “Contemplating expanding to more Social Media sites

  1. I just added Twitter but I notice that all bloggers have a separate Twitter acct with blog names. Don’t think many cross into personal space, even in social media.


      1. No, but at the moment I don’t actively do anything on twitter other than share my feed/posts. I have to get on there and follow people in order to be followed back – I assume the social media mechanics work the same way – people want to see if you are interested in them as well.


  2. I personally think Facebook will be too open a place for people to follow you, I know I watch what I follow on Facebook. You’d maybe get more on Twitter.

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