A Note To The Afraid Submissive

This is probably going to sound like a rant. Like a douche bag rant. Like a tirade that ignores a number of variables, some of which I probably couldn’t even dream of. But I’m going to write this anyway because I’m feel compelled.

I don’t like seeing shy and quiet submissive people afraid of becoming what they desire. I mean, not just women. Men, too. Men especially. I would probably guess there’s been a few men and women here afraid to speak up about their submissive tendencies.

Here’s the thing: you shouldn’t be afraid. Easier said than done, believe me – I know what it’s like to wake from a panic attack because of how you’re feeling. I went through that when I wanted to be in a D/s relationship – when I was in the wrong relationship. And it’s brutal.

But putting aside the fear for a moment – stop living in someone else’s skin. You may be [insert your name here] but you’re going to evolve into a redesigned version of her. Which means tearing off your skin.

We live in a society that doesn’t understand us, that wants to lump us in with the category of God knows what.

You know what? Tear off those clothes. I’m serious, go on. Stop looking at the screen and processing the text like I’m a nice little fable – tear off your clothes. People are home? So? You’re not alone though? The kids are around? fine, take your phone, tablet or computer to your safe zone and tear off your fucking clothes. That person underneath, the spirit that radiates warmth and excitement through your body. That’s you. That’s your essence, your sexuality, your beauty. Maybe you enjoy the sight of a bruise? Maybe you like your nipples pulled really fucking hard? This is going to be someone else’s instrument and you are going to love it. THIS is who
You are. This submissive soul right here. Don’t you dare second guess yourself.

Show of hands who did this? Who took the initiative? Good, I’m proud. The rest that didn’t, I expect you to follow through with this, despite the fear, because guess what? You’re beautiful, you’re sacred. You’re a temple someone will come along and worship.

Consider that activity a war cry, a beacon to others for empowerment. I want you all to practice, day by day, piece by piece, shedding your skin – till nothing is left but the new you. The true you. The submissive.

Maybe I’m deluded. Maybe I’m harsh. What I’m trying to do is enthusiastically push you all to where you want to be but are afraid to go. Because I’m here. Someone you probably know is here too. And we feel more complete after having gone through the journey.

So happy Sunday and remember to always embrace yourself despite what the little voice in your mind says back to you.

19 thoughts on “A Note To The Afraid Submissive

  1. Great post. No matter your ‘rant’ they are always inspiring. 😉
    “I went through that when I wanted to be in a D/s relationship – when I was in the wrong relationship. And it’s brutal.” Tell me about it….
    Thank you for this great article, I enjoy your insight truly.

    ~slave bri


  2. I think it is SO important to make sure you can submit to yourself and your own needs and desires BEFORE you can submit to another. I appreciate your words. They moved me to follow your instructions. As I did, Sir asked me what I was doing. I quickly explained your post, a big smile grew across his face and he sat back and watched as I shed all inhibitions. Thank you for the suggestion and reminder. 💋


  3. This almost brought me to tears because I could feel myself becoming more confident in my subby side. Thank you for this inspiration and it will something that I will read on the days where I want to give up. Thank you.


      1. thank you. i’m blushing over here. it’s been an interesting adventure so far and i’m excited to see where it leads me.


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