The Backseat


She let out a sigh. Her breath was warm against my cheek.
Suddenly, the inside of the car was growing warmer. My skin felt like it was on fire.
She started kissing down my neck, her fingers dragging their way down my chest.
“Please” she mumbled in a hushed moan. “I need to”
By this point, my cock was tenting in my pants. The ache not only throbbed, it pulsated through my entire body. I needed to tear it free. But that was already on her mind. 
She unzipped my pants and freed my cock. The relief came in an instant. Having my cock free satisfied that ache that was threatening to drive me insane.
That was when she wiggled down onto her knees. How she managed to wiggle into the tight space that was the mystified me — but by that point, she had gripped my cock firmly and let out a delightful moan. Gripping me must’ve been as satisfying as letting my cock free from my pants was for me.
She looked up at me, flashed that wide and dazzling smile – then lowered her mouth upon my cock. 
Sensations came to mind – wet. Warm. I held back a moan as her mouth slid up and down over my cock. She giggled in between sucking me. Pleased at finally getting what she wanted all afternoon.
“You taste so good” She whispered to me from below.
That was when my sister lowered her mouth on my cock once more.


10 thoughts on “The Backseat

  1. I was not expecting that little twist at the end –

    You also have a great picture, which is what initially drew me in. Is it one of your own?

    Thanks for sharing!


      1. To be honest, incest isn’t one of my personal turn-ons. Looking at your fantasy from a writer’s/avid reader’s perspective, however, I definitely appreciate writing that can still surprise me.


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