The Incest Fantasy


See, with most people, this headline would be absolutely cringe worthy. And make no mistake, it is. The reality is messed up. I’m more concerned about the teenager’s mental instability.

But me? I think in a fantasy world, that’s actually kind of sexy. I like the idea of breaking the rules, blurring the lines. We are sexual people, don’t hold back. Face who you are. And if she doesn’t want it, take it from her.

That part just speaks to my beastly side but that it’s mother and son makes it sexier.

But it doesn’t have to be mother and son, it could be mother and daughter, sister and sister, brother and sister, father and daughter. It’s the fantasy of incest that’s intriguing to me.

It’s the notion of incest that I find fascinating. I don’t agree with it but I will listen to the arguments of a couple in a incestuous relationship because that kind of adult relationship would be fascinating to someone like me.

The fantasy I like to indulge. But that’s another story.


8 thoughts on “The Incest Fantasy

  1. Two consenting adults who HAPPEN TO BE related (brother & sister; cousin & cousin; father & adult daughter; etc) is the kind of incest where I say I don’t condone it, but I can’t dictate what consenting adults do. A father raping his 9 year old daughter, a teenager blackmailing his mother for sex, a drunk uncle touching his nephew down there, I don’t condone it & I say thank God we have laws to punish it.

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  2. i have had dark thoughts about my brother. We went to a strip club around Christmas and came home an empty house. He was lonely, horny and of drink and started to massage my shoulders, kissed my neck and stopped cold. If i had been tipsy, who knows what might’ve happened.

    i’ve never shared the fantasy, never mind the moment before…

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      1. There’s not been a safe place to voice it, so never. Now, because of what happened at Christmas. Darker desires have been awakened through BDSM, and you just happened to write about it. It’s still taboo and will remain a fantasy.


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