The many ways of asserting Dominance


Asserting your Dominance should come naturally for a Dominant. I found so anyway. But sometimes when it comes to treating a loved one, it becomes difficult. I stumbled in my early training days. I felt bad about being vulgar and violent. It took me a few tries to get to a place where I felt comfortable. So this one is for all the Dominants that suffer the same conflict as I once did.

So. Just how do you assert your dominance? Get creative, have a think about what your submissive enjoys. How you enjoy tormenting her.

Bondage is stimulating, both mentally and physically. You might find your submissive gets hot at the idea of being bound while their mind races as to just what is going to occur.

Spanking is rather effective, I find. But be sure to be in tune with your submissive’s level of enjoyment and pain. It’s a delicate balance and requires a certain level of attentiveness. This can be a fun thing to experiment with when it comes to dishing out either pleasure or pain.

Torment your submissive. Whatever they enjoy, stretch that out, make them beg for it. Sometimes being cruel can be quite fun, for the both of you. Tormenting my pet is one of my favourite past times. Whether she’s eager to come or eager for something from me, I like to tease her about it. This can be a fun exercise to put over your submissive so get creative about the ways in which you can control her.

One of my favourite ways to assert my dominance over her is by coming on her face. Psychologically Dominating your submissive is a whole other story – I’ll be stern and confident there. But physically, I like to mark her. Sometimes it’ll be her ass, sometimes her tits and sometimes, when I am feeling particularly primal, I’ll come on her face. The ultimate degradation and mark of ownership.

It didn’t always use to be like that. I’m not a fool – shooting fluid on someone’s face – someone you care about – gave me mixed feelings to begin with. I felt bad for doing it. The gentleman in me wanted to apologise profusely. But what I came to understand was that she needed that. That I needed that. It’s something that brings out animals together – and at that point, she wants to be smothered in my come.

Have a think about works and remember: don’t be afraid to be crude, rude and vulgar. Just remember to stay in context, be kind and practise safety.


8 thoughts on “The many ways of asserting Dominance

  1. I’m wondering – if my playmate and I are curious to explore BDSM and don’t m is where to start – what would you suggest? He would be the Dom and I the sub. How did you “train” yourself as you mentioned early training in your post. Thanks!


      1. Thank you! Love your blog. Shared with my playmate tonight and hope to encourage him to read!


    1. My advice to your mate would be to experiment together. What do you want to do? Do it and learn what you like and learn what comes naturally to you. But be careful. Don’t let him take advantage of the situation and be emotionally abusive. Having a safe word is paramount

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