Push the boundaries with your sexuality


Has there ever been a time where you think some raw and sexual and the imagery flowing through your mind is so potent and comes out of no where that you’re a bit taken back? For those that have, you’re not alone. And this is what I want to talk about today and forgive me if I’ve said it in the past. I tend to talk. A lot.

But today I want to encourage you to explore that raw part of you. The part that leaps before not thinking. Because behind your thought lies your identity. That subconscious thought so powerful it might alienate you.

Where’s the strangest place that desire and lust have gripped you? Think about it. I was on a toilet one time, admittedly not the most alluring of all places but I was gripped with such arousal that I had to come. And I did, and it was amazing. So is there a moment like that for you? Something so unusual and raw that you are kind of shy about but not regretting it? Share with the class.

I guess what I am talking about, what I’ve probably already talked about, is to not fall out of touch with that primal urge because ladies and gents, that’s you in your most vulnerable state. so: explore it – listen to the thought that you might otherwise brush off because its absurd or ‘wrong’

So much is labeled ‘wrong’ due to what we’ve read or our upbringing or so forth and so on. That’s bull. Push the boundaries. For me, for yourself, for your partners. Just do it.


3 thoughts on “Push the boundaries with your sexuality

  1. Master released the primal slave He’s been forming, just in time for my birthday. He named her and craves her lust and lack of inhibition. slave tasha and i are in a batlle for control now– dueling sexual slave vs obedient submissive.

    slave tasha woke to Master’s call tightly collared, throbbing and humping the mattress. There’ll be no struggle today, tasha’s already triumphed… hypnotically waiting for daylong control and release…

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  2. My sexuality is finally coming out. Daddy says because I was afraid to show it. I would love to push the boundaries. I would love to explore!! It excites me thinking about it

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