May I ask a favour?

Our BDSM lives are beautiful things. But they’re private, as everyone is unfortunately overly accepting. We can’t come straight out and talk about our day’s events because that would alienate some of our closest friends.

And yet, I have a favour to ask you all. Perhaps you know a friend that’s displaying interest in the lifestyle? Perhaps it’s a family member, a brother-in-law, a sister-in-law. A co-worker. Neighbour – whoever the case may be, May I ask a favour of you? To run this site by them, put in a good word, an honest word like

“Well, it’s shite but maybe it’s for you


“Yeah, I dig it. It’s helpful”

The reason I ask is this: See, folks, my mission with this blog is to reach all sorts of age groups and help you all on your journey as best I can using the knowledge I’ve gained in my own journey. My hunger to help those in need is never satisfied. I just want to help more and more. Reach as many people as I can. Let them judge if I can help you or not. Think of me as a BDSM counsellor. 24/7. That’s my dream anyway, to help where I can in any way.

I was afraid to explore topics like that, to voice what I thought was dark and disturbing but you know what? It’s you and its healthy and its beautiful. So maybe I can do this for more. Because I don’t think I can stop helping. It’s not always enough.

But I know how it is to speak in hushed tones, to keep it private. To not have a wide net of friends in the lifestyle. So I understand. But if you think I am worthy of the attention of others and you can see someone struggling, I hope you point them in my direction because I’ll keep doing my best to help. And I don’t know if I can switch that off.


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