The Call Of The Whip

I’ve talked about spanking before but this is on a whole other level.

See, there’s spanking, which I equate to an action used with a bare hand and then there’s this other form – where I use my whip or my paddle. There’s something about gripping the handle and landing the blow. There’s something about the way her body takes the pain. How she’ll let out that gasp when the whip makes contacts.

So I guess it comes down to this: When I use my hand, I’m a Daddy. When I whip, I’m the beast – the other part of me. As Daddy I will teach her a lesson gently, as her Master, I’ll teach her a lesson forcefully. Have the pain be a reminder.

Maybe it’s the combination of having her over my knee, her ass there for me to tend to. Maybe it’s the power in my hand or the sound of the whip hitting her. I can’t say.

As I write, it’s 3am. I feel like dragging her out of bed, throwing her to the ground and whipping her. Why? Because the dark part of me – the irrational and lustful beast wants that. I ache for it. I would whip her till she could not take it anymore. Then I would love her till she sang for me, those sweet, sweet sounds.

I think it’s the brutality. I love the brutality, it’s enticing and erotic and intense. It’s the trust she places in me that arouses me. And it’s the tantalising idea that I’m in control of her pain –that shoots through my body, coursing through my veins.

Who else feels that maddening itch for the whip? Hands up.

18 thoughts on “The Call Of The Whip

  1. I have a question; I guess both to the dominant and to the submissive. What craving/need/want – I’m not sure what word to use it’s somewhat alien to me – does the whip/paddle/cane/crop fulfill? I’m getting an idea from the dominant’s side but I have to say it is hard for me to wrap my head around. If you wouldn’t mind sharing.


    1. Her words were: – and I quote “I like the sting, and I like the intimacy shared between us and lastly, I like the reminder of the moment later on”. She’s not too good with describing it – it, after all, isn’t easy to describe. I hope that helps

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      1. I get it; feelings aren’t easy and when it comes to want and need, it’s always hard to put them out there. It’s making oneself vulnerable. I’m still grateful to her for trying 🙂 .


      2. I think you are worthy whether or not I ask questions. I guess that like in everything you and others share about this world that’s still so very new, intriguing and scary to me, it’s about trust. Trust not to be judged and trust to be answered honestly. Thank you for that…


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