The philosophy behind punishment 

I’ve been a bit absent for a while but I wanted to discuss something that’s been on my mind: punishments and how you should approach them.

Say if your submissive has been out of line, to punish her straight up would be a bit unfair. There is two ways you can go about it: you can sit her down and talk about why she’s going to be punished shortly so she understands or you can do what I do – give her the chance to have three strikes and she’s out, all the while correcting her.

And then there’s the type of punishment, which comes down to the individual Dom/Domme. How do you punish? Well, I’m psychological. Rather then spank her, which is arousing and won’t teach her properly, I’ll take her right to address me, I might even take away her collar or stop her sexual activity. I find this to be far more effective because it deals with her mind and gives her time to think on her wrong ways.

But it can go the opposite. It can leave your submissive feeling abandoned and hurt. In turn she might fear you and fear being her submissive self because she’ll be afraid to act out.

This is why punishments should be chosen carefully and if you’re psychological like me, you’ll want to sit her down and tell her before hand why it’s happening and what it means.

There are other ways to punish as well. There is no limit to your imagination. Think about humiliating her, just enough to teach her a lesson. You are the teacher so to quote a certain something, with great power comes great responsibility. Humiliate her if you must but do it gently, lovingly even. Remember how delicate a submissive can be.

How you punish and why you punish, that comes down to the individual. Be fair, be considerate. And for the submissive reading, always challenge your Dom on the punishment – but do it carefully. The good Dom would want to hear your thoughts but be too cheeky and I won’t be able to save you. Not this time. 


6 thoughts on “The philosophy behind punishment 

  1. I would MUCH rather have you spank me than do any of the other psychological punishments. I understand why you choose those over physical punishment, but the feeling of being discarded or rejected it absolute torture for me. I also know that everyone has their own triggers to watch out for. I was SO GLAD to see your posting, Sir. I have missed you and your sage advice. 🙂


  2. Thank you for this great post. You’ve really explained so much so simply. I love the cognitive influenced examples you give for punishment. To fear a Dom/Domme would surely be great discipline to the mind. Thank you again for this…

    ~slave bri


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