Spitting During Sex

It is what is. Or is it?

Now I sound like a Dr. Seuss book. So let’s get to it: spitting during sex is something I have always enjoyed during my roughest moments. When I’m edgy, when I am feral, I want to spit on my pet.

But there’s something else that’s always gnawed at me too. I was raised by the strictest of parents, I can tell you. I couldn’t ask “What?” in my home and that’s something that is within my relationship with my pet, oddly enough. It’s something I’ve…smacked out of her. If you catch my drift.

So spitting is a vulgar act to me. When I see it done in public, it infuriates me. It’s disgusting. But if I’m hovering above my submissive, eager to fuck with her mind, then it’s something entirely different. It’s fucking sexy.

But there’s always the strictest of gentlemen in the back of my mind – this shy 18th century fellow who couldn’t possibly do that shit. And sometimes my devil ties him up and runs amok and that’s delicious. One might even say devilish.

I tried spitting for the first time the other day. It just sort of happened. I let myself go.

As I was choking her, and her cute little gasps and moans aroused me, I spat on her tits. It was a thing that actually brought us together. Neither of us were expecting it and it came and just opened up another part of our minds and expanded our relationship. We’re devils that have more in common than we previously thought. And the best thing is: we are still learning all this about ourselves.

It heightened the sexual tension too, I tell you. It’s one thing to spit on her, it’s another to see her shiver in ecstasy as my spit hits her nipple. Good Lord in heaven, is that something else.

So, ladies and gents, Masters and slaves, Dom’s, Dommes, Daddy’s, Mummy’s and their children, the next time you’re in the bedroom or the park or somewhere else – try spitting. See how you go.

Even try it if you’re going solo. You would be amazed how it feels by yourself.

That’s me for the week! Enjoy your weekend, fuck your brains out!


7 thoughts on “Spitting During Sex

  1. I LOVE just about anything that is unexpected. I does truly heighten the senses and the experience. We have never done the spitting thing, but after your enticing suggestion, who knows. 🙂


  2. I don’t think anyone has ever done that to me… body spitting. Though, I have had to open my mouth to receive it while being roughly taken. It’s definitely one of the taboos of rudeness that really effect my headspace. The humiliation factor is intense and delicious.

    Thanks for the stimulating post this morning! Very nice, indeed. 🙂

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  3. the best best best for me was a very young man, he wanted to spit in my mouth and me to spit in his. Mind blowing.


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