Any burning questions? Ask this Dominant!

Every now and then, I put up a questions post so followers old and new can ask any questions their heart desires in the comment section below – I mean, I can’t tell you what your purpose is in life but relationship troubles, curiosity about my Dominant persona or my Beast, questions about your sexuality, your role in the lifestyle or anything puzzling you – I want to help you. But you’ve got to take that step first and want to open up. It’s scary but when you want or even IF you want, I am always around to help you in any way I can!

So: either comment in the section below or contact me a bit more privately at my email provided, the choice is yours! I look forward to contacting you.


3 thoughts on “Any burning questions? Ask this Dominant!

  1. I love that you give this opening for anyone with questions or concerns. The only way we will learn and be safe is through knowledge and experience. Thank you for offering this needed outlet, Sir.


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