Shaved Genitals

image There’s just something about a shaved pussy that draws me in. It’s the look, how smooth it feels when you run your hands along it. How it is to have your pet there standing there before you, in all her beauty with her shaven pussy. It’s gorgeous. Now..I’m not saying I adore this and only this style. I have to be in the mood for it and sometimes I’m in the mood for an untouched and raw pussy, or trimmed or landing strip. Shake it up you know? Keeps things different a little. But in the moment I’m writing, I have my mind on a shaved pussy. How it feels to have my hands explore that smooth slit and glide in deep.

Me? I keep myself shaved most of the time. It’s not the whole small dick complex that’s, frankly, a little ridiculous. It’s more about how it feels against my sheet, my pet’s hand or during sex. Plus, it’s kinda sexy. In some D/s relationships, the Dominant one likes to take care of his or her submissive to this extent, to maintaining their lower region.

Me? I’m less strict about it. I dominant my dear kitten to a certain extent and sometimes I desire to control her in that aspect and sometimes I don’t. What works for one couple might not work for others. And then you have to factor in sensitive skin, insecurity and emotional care. But to lower my mouth on my pet’s shaven pussy right now…to devour her hungrily. That would be divine.

Alright Class, for homework, answer me this, my dear ladies and gents: How do you maintain your lower regions?

That’s all from me for the week! Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you next week. Class dismissed.


20 thoughts on “Shaved Genitals

  1. I use to wax off but suffered so much from ingrown hairs, I am a naturally curly haired girl so believe this just meant my hair down there was curlier than most. I invested in laser hair removal and am hair free down there. No more pain! Plus I love how it looks and feels, as does Sir.


  2. This might be my favorite class. The teacher is dreamy. All the girls day so. πŸ™‚

    When my (ex) Daddy said he required my sex cleanly shaven at all times, it took a little getting used to. Now, I can’t imagine being any other way. The way that skin is so soft, even to my own touch, and the more intense sensations that are possible (spanking etc) are not something I would want to go without.

    Thank you for sharing yourself with us today.


  3. Couple of years ago I did the Brazilian wax thing for my now vanilla ex-fiance. Let’s just say that the level of appreciation is not met comparing to the pain.

    I hate shaving, because ingrown hair is something even the little masochist in me don’t care much about. So when my Dom ordered me to shave it all, I returned to Brazilian wax. It hurt as much as before, but because it was on an order, I found myself getting extremely horny and wet during the process. πŸ˜€ And just like that, the waxing place doesn’t look like a torture chamber anymore.

    I loooove it all bare. Feels so good all the time. I will have my wax every 5-6 weeks now, even if it’s just to hear Him say: “Good girl, Emily”.


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