Why you should send dirty texts to your lover


Sending dirty texts can be a cheeky way to express yourself in a way that you might struggle to verbally with your partner, which is more common than you think. It doesn’t mean you don’t trust your partner enough to communicate, it just means that desire can be a tricky thing to express, especially if you are a shy one. It’s why people find it easier, perhaps even liberating, to talk over text and the internet. But to talk sexually? Well, gosh…you might even learn some things about yourself.

So: if you or your lover is a shy one — and maybe you or him or her are feeling frisky, send some dirty texts. Be sensual, be sexual. Be whatever works between you two. Talk to him or her about what they enjoy specifically.
For me, it’s quite an exhilarating experience to message my pet when I know she’s at work. I mean, don’t over do it or anything where you might become an annoyance. Just enough to tickle their stomach.

Relationships…they take work. It’s like a fireplace, you’ve got to work at keeping that fire going you know? It’s easy to fall into routine and get cosy in that routine but always remember that you and your partner are animals and that risquΓ© texting you did in the early days of your relationship should be done more often for a long list of reasons – because it’s sexy to know she’s squirming, because it adds spice to your every day existence and when you guys are in the room together shortly afterwards, it will be explosive. More than that, memories are beautiful. And I don’t know about you all, but memories of my pet being soaked and giving in to her raw side, her sexuality, is one that I cherish.

I could go on. I could say how I want to make my pet take my cock into her mouth while I use her favourite toy on her pussy, giving her the pounding this week has earn her, but we’ll leave it there with that imagery, hm?


4 thoughts on “Why you should send dirty texts to your lover

  1. I agree… you need to keep things fresh. I love to receive random texts especially after the relationship has developed. It shows me that he is thinking of me and when they are sexual in nature… I am squirming in my seat all day. πŸ™‚

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