In The Rain


You and I have watched the sky grow darker for the past few minutes now. I have you fully nude and bound by rope to a pole in our backyard. You’ve tried wriggling free but it’s no use. Your hands…your legs…they’re secure.
More than that though, the rain will come soon and soon, you will face your punishment.
“Please, Sir” You beg. “Cut me loose”
Your pleas only make me strike your bare ass harder. You whimper and curse and what did I tell you about cursing? It’s not allowed.
“But Sir, it’s so cold. I’m sorry, I really am.”
That’s when the rain starts to fall. I stand there, just out of reach of you, under my house’s verandah, while you stand there helpless.
The rain becomes heavier now, stinging your tits and body. You wince and cry out for me to stop but this just causes me to grin.
That’s when you see me pull out from my pocket your favourite toy and walk towards you.
“Sir, please..”
Your cries go unheard.
“The rain burns..”
I trace the toy along your thigh, up towards your freshly shaven cunt. You jump at its buzz. You shake your head, droplets of water splashing out at me. Thunder booms — and with that, I slide the toy in.
You gasp, something primal, almost in pain. But I work your cunt just how you like it, pummelling you senseless as you writhe in a mix of pain and pleasure.

See, this is your punishment. The rain will sting and mark your sweet body and I will exhaust you, forcing you to come again..and again…and again. You know why? Because you’re mine.

And you better fucking understand that.


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