Humiliation and Degradation


See, there’s something about gripping her hair, yanking it backwards and whispering into her ear You listen here, you little slut. You’re going to suck my cock. I know you love cock so show me how. Devour it.

I love being filthy with my pet. It’s a chance to explore our darker personalities, where filth and vulgarity reside. Where she morphs into my little cum slut, my eager whore. ‘breasts’ or ‘boobs’ become ‘tits’. ‘pussy’ becomes ‘cunt’. She begs for my cock, she begs to play with my cock. She has told me on a few occasions how she desires to be degraded. To be insulted and ridiculed. Why is that? Why do we enjoy the degradation and brutality?

Because we all have darkness within us. We can’t deny that. We have as much darkness as we do light.
I consider myself a nice guy, standing for all things right. But there’s darkness within me. I’m a few blocks away from that brutality and I channel it within my life so it doesn’t spill out chaotically, which it sometimes does.

Despite the darkness, we must be gentle with ourselves. We are fragile and sensitive beings. It’s all very well to play at humiliation and explore that but explore it safely. Your submissive may take what is said in the heat of the moment to heart and that may affect her in the long term. Remember my emotional aftercare post? Take that into consideration when dealing with humiliation and degradation.

If you want to explore it, think outside the box. Get creative with scenarios. Tie her up outside and flog her. Force her to endure an embarrassing situation, like wearing vibrating panties to work. The possibilities are endless!


10 thoughts on “Humiliation and Degradation

  1. The possibilities ARE ENDLESS, thank the Heavens! I think that is part of the reason that degradation and humiliation are so arousing for some people. You are just getting to experience another one of the endless possibilities in life. Maybe that is just me. 🙂

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  2. It is so very important to impress your love upon the person before and after humiliation and/or degradation. Pushing someone’s boundaries is such a fragile affair, and it must be surrounded by trust and faith and love.

    That said… you are dead on. Those dark sighs that escape from our lips are indeed, arousing and powerful. They are how our spirits recognize eachother.

    Love, Lady Grey

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  3. You said it perfectly! I always thought sex had to be beautiful and perfect, until I found myself in my first M/s relationship. It is so incredibly refreshing and comfortable being able to let go and relish the dirty,kinky, slutty, desires we have. I think Dr. Dexter said it perfectly, “It’s time to embrace sex as the dirty, sweaty, stinky thing that it is.” Thank you for this post it is short, sweet and simply awesome.


  4. ” We have as much darkness as we do light.”

    With all due respect I don’t think that is true. It’s dangerous to encourage too much darkness. There is a balance, maybe. But there should always be more light than darkness…

    Otherwise it’s easy to get lost there isn’t it? 🙂


    1. It’s definitely an interesting discussion. Thanks for speaking up, I admire that. I don’t know though, maybe there is a balance or maybe the scales are tipped. I certainly feel like I have more darkness lately, if you scroll down back through my post you can see that. I tend to write in the moment though so I’ll excuse that thought.

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