I Yearn To Use Nipple Clamps


It ties into my desire for control. It’s a small leash, in a way — my pet is bound by my hand. She’s under my control for the duration of our play session. And unless things get too much, she’ll handle the mix of pain and pleasure like the good girl she is.

There’s fascinating imagery there to think about. How she might be a slave to my touch and my desires, trapped in a mental prison. The psychology behind this, why she likes it, why I yearn for it, is utterly fascinating. How can you be a slave to the pleasure but handle the pain? It should be one org he other and yet, there’s beautiful harmony between the two. We’re stronger than we think we are, make no mistake. And pushing the boundaries with her is one of the best things about our D/s side to our relationship.

So there’s this sense of duality there that satisfies me. On one hand, you have the brutality and the darkness. When I tug, she gasps and moans. For me, it’s exhilarating to be in the position where I can control the amount of pleasure and pain. It does things to me, physically and psychologically. I love seeing her at my mercy. I cannot begin to describe how writing this effects me. How just writing these words makes me want to use them on her the minute she walks through the door.

On the other hand, there’s trust there. She trusts me to take care of her, to guide her through this roller coaster of pain and pleasure. And that’s beautiful. That’s another side of this coin that appeals to my sensitive nature.


18 thoughts on “I Yearn To Use Nipple Clamps

  1. Oh my!!! This is too good to be true…
    I am anxiously waiting for Master to introduce me to the nipple clamps.
    Your words all but made me lose myself.. But I am locked up tight. Thanks for pushing me to the edge. I trully love your words! Everytime..

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  2. Sir, this little slave read this while in the middle of an insane crazy fabulously busy day… Which lead to delicious thoughts of her own devious Master… she misses Him terribly, but is so very grateful for your words ….

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  3. “The psychology behind this, why she likes it, why I yearn for it, is utterly fascinating. How can you be a slave to the pleasure but handle the pain?”

    Speaking as a sub I’m not sure I can distinguish between pleasure and pain when nipple clamped. It’s kind of pain sublimated into pleasure. Extraordinary adrenaline induced arousal. Very powerful. Leading to intense orgasms

    You’re right. The psychology is very interesting and it is very symbolic too. Nipple clamped and led by the chain. Like a horse. A proud wild mare captured and led by her rider…

    Yes. It’s beautiful.


  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Nipple Clamps make the nipples so sensitive – taking the clamps off and licking her straight-away wile penetrating her gets her to that special breaking point.
    Everytime a see a picture like this I think of returning that special moment that not even I can control completely by command. 🙂

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  5. Just loved the pic in this post…!!!! Well you have a very excellent ability of writing erotic stuff… And you can control anybody’s mind easily…. I have never seen such an seducing and erotic posts in any other blog…!!! Keep posting such posts and entertaining us by your erotic words and thoughts…!!! By the way… If you like to read such kind of erotic stuff… Then have a visit to my blog and read some of my posts… I’m sure they’ll help you in having some fun time when you’re alone….😋😋😊😊👍👍


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