Myself and Fetlife

Some of you have been asking about me and if I am on Fetlife. I am indeed. But it being a tad more personal than this here blog, I prefer to keep that separate from my ramblings. So: if you really want to find me on Fetlife, send me an email, get to know me outside of the apparently terrifying erotica that I write.

I, like many others blogging, enjoy the anonymity and won’t just throw my profile away to just anyone. It’s full of my personal ramblings, not to mention certain…photos and before I let people know where I reside in that little slice of heaven, I’d like to get to know you one on one. Make it personal. You and me – the only people in a restaurant, eating fine food and enjoying fine conversation.

As for people new to Fetlife, I just want to stress to the submissive audience that it’s quite important you be careful of False Dominants. Submission is a beautiful, wondrous gift. Never forget this. It would utterly break my heart if I knew a woman – or man – was being preyed upon. So, stay strong and confident and remember how important you are!

9 thoughts on “Myself and Fetlife

  1. I find FetLife to be a bit daunting. Where do I start, what do I post? Is it like Facebook? I feel that these are silly questions, like I should know (and because I don’t maybe I’m not meant to be there).

    The only contact I have had so far was from one of those false dominants, but he was a jerk and I knew.
    Totally wonderful advice, and you are SO right: we are all very important! Thank you for the reminder.


      1. Working through my shyness is probably most of it… And, I *have* been working on that 😀 – talking to people and introducing myself in situations where I would normally just be a watcher.

        Thank you for the offer, Sir! If I have anything specific, I will definitely reach out (or maybe just search for it here – you’re very comprehensive and easy to read!)

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  2. I love Fetlife, having just discovered it recently. So far, I’ve been to a local munch and making friends in my local community. So I’m glad it’s good for you too. Also, as a newbie to the BDSM lifestyle and aspiring Domme, I really really appreciate your blog. This is my first time commenting, but I have read many of your posts, and they speak to my heart. I want to be a Dominant like you 🙂


  3. Your words really do inspire me. I am a new sub and really appreciate all of your wise words. Ive learned so much from you already. Fetlife is something unfamiliar to me. Do you suggest I join?


    1. Fetlife is a great tool that can help
      You challenge yourself on a few levels, in terms of being open about your kink and things like nudity. I’d say yeah, join. Read people’s experiences, join groups. Beware the false Dominants. Just take it slow, promise me that.

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