Do Me A Favour

Do me a favour: the next time you catch yourself being needlessly hard on yourself – for whatever reason – tell yourself to shut up. Literally, tell yourself out loud to shut the hell up. Cut yourself some slack.

Do me a favour: the next time you’re out by the clothesline hanging clothes or taking them down, close your eyes and breathe in. Savour the moment. Free your mind. Hell, become one with yourself: I’m not kidding – slip off your top. Slip out of your panties or your pair of pants. Unless there are certain circumstances, expose that beautiful self of yours to the world because you know what? You’re magical and unique.

Do me a favour: every once in a while – treat yourself to the pleasures of life. Have a coffee. Sneak some chocolate. Talk to a stranger. Buy that dress. Buy that expensive item you’ve been mulling over. Just do it. You’ve earned it. Enjoy the moment. Seize it.

Do me a favour: put on some ambient noise – something that settles you – the sound of rain, say, and undress. Lie there – in your safe spot – and meditate. Forget the troubles. Think about the sounds. Think about how your sheets feel against your skin.

Do me a favour: the next time you look in the mirror, tell yourself you’re beautiful. Do it every morning and every night for a whole week.

Maybe I’m asking too much, maybe I’m stepping on toes. But I feel like writing this. So hopefully it connects with you, makes you smile. Maybe it brightens up your day or night or week. That would be nice.

41 thoughts on “Do Me A Favour

  1. This was a truely lovely heartfelt piece of beautiful words. It is in our very natures to be hard on ourselves, and it always takes a kind soul to remind us. You are the third today. My most dearest friend, then my most beloved Master when He gloriously paid me a visit and now you… is there something in the air. Thank you


      1. They both remind me gently, it is me that forgets… today i had the joy of both of them reminding me – both in their seperate ways… and reading your words, well it was just the prettiest cherry on the cake…. so again, with so many thank you’s. miss armstrong

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      2. Sir, she hates to be presumptious, (and spelling is not good), but if you are interested, she has written a quick note entitled “her most precious beautiful close” and “His fleeting shadow”. they are about her friend and her Master… who both remind her… i hope it shows – she wishes you a good lovely sunny warm day


  2. Well, since you asked so nicely, I’d be happy to comply with most of these things on the list. Who hangs clothes outside still?


  3. Reblogged this on LadyEiluj and commented:
    We all need to do these things on a daily basis. We are so harsh with ourselves and too busy living we forget to simply be ……….


  4. I, too, have reblogged your post as it really hit a cord and stuck with me. So have shared hoping it will do the same for others. Thanks again for your wise words x

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  5. This is simply outstanding and inspirational. As a matter of fact, old Annie is printing it out and keeping in on her desk to remind herself to do exactly as you say. Thank you, TDD for reminding us to love ourselves. Love, Annie B

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    1. Wow, that’s beautiful. Thankyou so much. But do me a favour: stop referring to yourself as ‘old Annie’. I don’t care what age you are, your posts are just as lively and fresh as a 18 year old. So you need to cut that out, missy. I don’t want you thinking you are too old for the clothesline business either.

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      1. Why thank you, Sir. Seems I violated the very spirit of your post. I guess I need to find the paddle, take it to Beloved and pay the price šŸ˜‰

        Truth be told – I still feel like an 18 year old sometimes and I know damned sure I act like one.

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      2. You certainly did violate the spirit of my post. So none of this ‘old Annie’ business, okay? At least on my blog and in my presence. As for the paddle, I think that’s an excellent idea. Throw yourself at his feet next time and recite why you think you need the punishment.

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