Late Night Fantasies

Note: I’m sexually frustrated so lucky or unlucky for you guys, you get another rushed erotica piece.

You’re choking and trying to breathe, your neck crushed beneath my neck.
I’m laying ontop of you, suffocating you. All while my hand ferociously jerks my cock.

I’ve waited all day for you to get here and now I need to let my darkness out. It’s been aching, throbbing like my cock. Now you’re here beneath me. Gasping for breath. God, how can your sweet gasps be arousing to me? How can seeing you squirm do this to me? My cock is so stiff, it’s starting to hurt. But I can’t stop. For the life of me, I can’t give this up. I must go on.

I feel it rising and fuck the housemates, I let out a moan. I can’t wait to become dizzy, to be lost in the moment.
You’re kicking your legs about, your noises somewhere between a moan and a gasp. My knee stays right on your throat. I crave this. I need this. I need it now.

And then it hits me. I lose my footing but I catch myself, leaning up against the wall, one hand still gripping my cock.
My come stings your tits and face. You lick it up greedily. I stay ontop of you until I’m completely empty. And I watch you lick up whatever drops your tongue can get.

I have marked you once more. And now that I’m done and you’ve been a good little girl, you can have your reward.


6 thoughts on “Late Night Fantasies

  1. I understand that frustrated feeling. And it definitely produces some excellent writing!! This is a sizzling post! However, I do hope you get some release soon.


  2. Your story sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon. I am having trouble breathing just reading your erotic words. 🙂
    If this piece is due to frustration and is rushed, PLEASE be slow to find release and NEVER take your time. Now, if it gets even better than this, which I doubt, then I hope you Dominate, Punish and Cum all over someone very soon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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