Dealing with fluctuating feelings in a D/s relationship

This might seem like an odd post but bear with me.

Love, like anything in this wondrous world, can fluctuate. That’s not to say it means you don’t love the person one day and then you do another day. It means, it might soften or intensify throughout your relationship as it goes on and that’s good, that’s healthy. It’s human and normal.

I’m saying this because I’ve read in blogs or have read it in forums that people worry that their taste of BDSM and a D/s relationship will falter and dissipate.
You know, it might. It really might. You won’t want to be collared and serve him/her every day. Sometimes you might want to just collapse and sleep. Who knows.

But the thing is: feeling like you’re not fit for it or even interested in it happens. It happens to me sometimes and it passes. Something might happen, it’ll come out with something she says and I’m back – I feel reinvigorated. It’s a momentary lapse in our brains, a chemical imbalance – whatever. But it passes, believe that.

What upsets me is that people turn away from the topic out of fear it’s a passing phase and not worth the time. They don’t ascend to perhaps what they were meant to truly become.

So if you go through a period where you’re feeling like this – breathe and relax. Remember that it’s as simple as you losing the taste for it at that point in time. You want loose your partner because of it, it doesn’t mean you aren’t a true submissive/Dominant — all it means is your human.

9 thoughts on “Dealing with fluctuating feelings in a D/s relationship

  1. I really loved this post. Sometimes it seems that you hear a lot of people preaching “All or Nothing”. I agree with you. We are human. While I am completely devoted to Sir, and I crave kneeling at his feet and submitting to his every desire, sometimes I just don’t want to be touched or really need to tell him to “Fuck Off”. In both instances, I love him, I am just human, right?


      1. I never seem to be able to get it down in words sometimes so just thanking you for doing that, ‘eloquently put’ may have been better than thank you? šŸ™‚


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