18th Century Eroticism


Maybe in my past life I was a gentleman in the 18th-century. I don’t know. But I take a look at a woman dressed in that old 18th century outfit and something about me wakes up. Something within me stirs.

I close my eyes and I see a woman’s face. I see her curly hair done up in some sort of extravagant manner and  I see her face red and flushed. I see her breasts threatening to spill out in that tight outfit and I feel like I belong.

I was recently read Jane Eyre and though it is a great and wondrous gothic romance, It is intensely erotic. The interplay between Jane and Mr. Rochester builds and builds, which left me breathless then and it leaves me breathless just thinking about.

Maybe my mind is just twisted, maybe it is too far gone. But I think of the tension between them and my mind races. I think about Jane, in her sweet defiance in her journey to find herself and I want to tear her dress off and see that pale ass and whip it into submission till it is red and perhaps even blistering. Till I can hear her sob, with a hint of arousal. It exhilarates me.

I adore those times, you know. Lords and ladies. The mannerisms, the fashion. The relationships behind closed doors.  I’ve never dug the ‘costume dramas’ like Downtown Abbey but the scenario of the long delicious build up between Jane and Mr. Rochester rouses me in ways I can’t really explain. It sings to me across time.

I can close my eyes and picture me dragging the poor lady off into a lavish bedroom and seeing what waits for me beneath her clothes. How has she kept her treasure? How will she fight back when I lower my mouth to those untouched thighs.

Perhaps I was a menace back in my past life, maybe I wasn’t entirely a gentle man – but today’s musing: maybe I came from there in another life. Maybe I look dashing all dressed up and such. Maybe that’s why I am drawn there now.


12 thoughts on “18th Century Eroticism

  1. Oh my goodness. Yes. I think perhaps you WERE then and ARE now.

    How very deeply this resonates with me, and how my heart often feels the other side of that scenario. I think this is what draws me to burlesque. It allows me the opportunity to BE those women in history that I connect so deeply with… from real life Marie Antoinette to fictional Katherine in Taming of the Shrew. All those rich tensions and coy flirtations make my heart sing.

    Thank you for touching my heart and mind today.

    Lady Grey

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    1. Wow, miss Grey. I’m honoured this speaks to you across the ocean. It’s a mystery we will never solve and perhaps that makes it alluring. I feel a connection there – to that time. I want to talk more about that era, in terms of the writing and sensual and sexual exploration.

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  2. Reblogged this on String of Pearls and commented:
    It’s Throwback Thursday, and I think the brilliant mind that is “Tall, Dark and Dominant” put together just the thing for you beautiful souls. His post from this morning strikes a deep chord in me, and I know it will for several of my other friends who are writers and artists. Who do you wish you’d been in history? Who do you think you were?

    I feel a connection to various women, both fictional and historical: Marie Antoinette, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth, Mary Magdalene, Shakespeare’s Katherine, Verdi’s Violetta, all four of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women…

    Lady Grey

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  3. Me thinks young Sir that you were indeed a courtly gentleman with tastes for the tawdry things in life. And me also thinks that’s what makes you deliciously scandalous now! Even we old ladies fawn at your words 😝

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  4. A fine gentleman is always appreciated, but I have always been drawn to the cads and scoundrels. I relate to the fine lady, in all her lovely layers of silk and petticoats, flung over the ruffians shoulder. Of course, I would dutifully hiss and protest, secretly dripping with the anticipation of being ravaged and claimed. I’m not exactly sure, what does that say about me? 😉

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  5. I really enjoyed this post! As I was reading my mind was skimming my mental library and recalling all of my favourite fictional rakes, ruffians and regents. There are sooooo many. I too feel a connection with the characters from Jane Eyre, which is rather fun because that is a book I have actually resisted reading for ages for some explicable and quirky reason. Then I picked it up and did not put it down. I would say Jane Austen was a lady who wrote some very enjoyable and spankable characters. Pretty much all of the girls from Pride and Prejudice, there are many a scene I have rewritten in my mind that has Elizabeth pulled over Darcy’s lap and her bottom bared. Emma as well. There were so many displays of precociousness and flares of defiance I was almost surprised when she DIDN’t get some bare bottomed correction and a stint in the corner. I mean she was asking for it! Thank you for writing on this topic. It brought back to memory many a character that thrilled my imagination and brought a flutter to my heart.


  6. This was definitely an interesting post and immediately filled my heads with Rakes, Ruffians,and Regents I have read about in my extensive reading. I too enjoyed Jane Eyre. The dynamic between the two was so charged, and Jane was so feisty. I also think many of Jane Austen’s characters are delightfully spankable. There were a couple of scenes between Elizabeth and Darcy where I was almost surprised he didn’t end the argument by pulling her across his knee. Emma as well. I am sure she was ASKING for a bare bottomed spanking and some contemplation in the corner in response to her behaviour many a time. There are a number of historical characters that bring up that thrilling feeling for me. Thank you for writing about this subject. It brought many of my age old heros and heroines to the forefront of my mind. A very titillating subject.


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