The Submissive’s Positive Reflection

Here’s something I like to address with my pet:

Each night, probably while we are laying in each other’s arms, I get her to tell me about her day. I get her to not focus on the negative aspects, if any – I am teaching her to acknowledge them, lay with them if you must so they don’t defeat you, but don’t let them overcome you.

So I get her to tell me about what’s positive in her life, what’s she happy for. If she strays – that is to say, if she starts to wander down the stormy weather path – I will hold her gently and reaffirm that she is beautiful and so is her place in the world.

Why do I do these things?

It builds confidence and strength and I believe that it forces her to look at her life through a clear window, maybe and hopefully even in a new life. Too often we can walk through our lives and take it for granted but if I work with her through her positive reflection, not only might she look at her life and be thankful for the positive elements but here’s hoping it will build her self esteem and make her feel that much more sexier.

Whatever she wants to talk about in these moments where we reflect together, reflect her own thoughts and feelings and something may tumble out all beautiful like and delicately. It’s these moments that I want to happen, that she will feel more and more confident about conquering the negative feelings in her life.

So I feel an immense satisfaction by reflecting with her. My heart soars, I can’t stop smiling. I feel like that Dominant part in me – the part that wants to nurture her delicately – is satisfied.

So be you Dom or sub, consider positive reflections on your day each night. Maybe in a month you can look back and see a change.

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