Questions? Ask Away #2

A while back, I asked followers if they had any questions. I got some excellent ones and very much enjoyed answering them.

Now that there are newcomers to my writings, I wanted to open the door for them to ask any questions they are chewing on and would like my advice on.

Also, if there’s something I’ve touched on that you want to hear more of or something you’re dwelling on that you want me to address, I’d be happy to hear suggestions and pick your brain!


4 thoughts on “Questions? Ask Away #2

      1. I understand. However, do you think (respectfully) others might benefit from her thoughts and insights? If so, why not insist she share? My Sir prompted…insisted that I begin my blog. He was right, of course…It’s helped me immensely.


      2. It’s an interesting decision, little one. But it is hers. Do I think others could benefit? For sure. But she is far too personal, not to mention terribly shy. I wouldn’t want to push her in that area. But definitely might talk about it later

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