Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

Exhibitionism and Voyeurism strike a cord with me that I can’t quite explain. But I wanted to talk about it because I’m just about to slip out of my clothes and crawl in besides my honey.

Nakedness thrills me. I love the idea of just laying against my cool sheets, feeling my skin kiss that fabric. I like the idea that my pet may check out my ass, apparently a great feature of mine.

I have flirted with exhibitionism in my past. I’ve fooled around in cinemas and enjoyed a frolic in the park. I’ve strangled my pet in her car, while folks could easily see. I get off on the idea folks might watch but I’ve got a taste for more.

Not all the time, I’ll say. I’m a private man and more often than not, I think my affection for my pet should be between her and I only – in our own little slice of heaven.

But does the thought of exposing her in private arouse me? Mm, somewhat. I will admit to growing excited at the thought of the world seeing her treasures but more often than not, I want her for one person only: myself.

And yet, the idea of making her let out those sweet and soft moans while a neighbour watches her – when I know fully well that she is mine to devour – is arousing. It stirs me. It’s an intriguing thought, to think I want that aspect, have engaged in that aspect. That a part of me wants to share her hardening nipple with the neighbour as a sign of Dominance – as if I’m saying “see this fucker? You can’t have this. I’ve claimed her”

It’s all so sensual and erotic and just liberating and I want to share this with her — and the world.

I guess I’ll file Exhibitionism and Voyeurism under ‘the Beast’ tab, for it seems raw and animalistic and a part of that animal – my own kinky Mr. Hyde.


One thought on “Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

  1. One of my favorite things is to vacuum naked. I NEVER close the blinds. The thought that someone may be watching, or stop by for a visit, THRILLS me. It helps make the mundane house chores a little more fun too. 🙂


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