A 100+ followers! Truly: Thank you!

100+ people!

When I started this blog, I honestly thought I’d get laughed at for all the thoughts swirling in my head. But you – all of you – enjoy my reading, so I am inspired to put things out there, hoping that if the day comes where I’ve gone too far, I trust you lovely folk will tell me.

But 100+ people! To me, that’s quite touching. Not only because people find my writing worth following but because I’m in contact with 100+ different and unique people, each with various different talents and stories to tell that I love to read…and possibly fantasise about. Ahem.

So: Truly – thank you. Each and every one of you. It touches me in ways you might not realise! But enough of this oscar speech, lets back to work.



4 thoughts on “A 100+ followers! Truly: Thank you!

  1. We all need some form of validation. If reaching 100 offers you that, than it is richly deserved. I have found your posts to be informative, entertaining and thought provoking. For that, let me send you a truly heart-felt Thank You.

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