The Daddy Dom in Me


Here’s the misconception about the Daddy Dom/Little Girl Dynamic: It’s incestuous. The word ‘incestuous’ conjures up many thoughts – pedophilia, incest, what exactly do these people act out?

Those people are going the wrong way about thinking of it. It’s nothing of that. We aren’t saying pedophilia is something to be acted out in role-play, we aren’t saying we would jump into an incestuous relationship, though some would choose to explore said power and darkness through roleplaying.

My understanding about the dynamic is that two people – a Dominant and a submissive – come together to form something else entirely, something beautiful. A Dom is a Daddy Dom if he/she simply has the ability to take on that role in the D/s relationship – the nurturing teacher role. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg there.

The submissive may have childlike tendencies. This may manifest in their behaviours and in some cases, in their speech patterns. Some Doms and submissive’s may be living the DD/lg dynamic without even releasing they are who they are.

And this is where I come in. For when I noticed I was tucking my submissive in of a night and kissing her forehead and stroking her head as she clutches her stuffed toy – it hit me. Something in us has that DD/lg dynamic.

When I noticed that my behaviour simply went beyond being the typical caring person to a nurturing ‘father’ almost and when she expressed how indescribably amazing it was for me to tuck her in, it just clicked that we had that dynamic running in our D/s relationship.

There’s layers upon layers to each of us, if you haven’t realised. Layers upon layers to our psyche and what comes out when we connect with our partner’s true self. The Daddy Dom comes out in me at the strangest times, usually when either my pet or I are at our most vulnerable. ESPECIALLY when she has had a rough day, I want nothing more to comfort her and even go to the point where I will read to her one of my favourite books.

This dynamic can go on to a submissive’s speech pattern. She may fully inhabit the child within and the Daddy Dom may relish this part of her. They may have layers to this role that they can safely explore.

So if you are thinking about this topic and you think it sounds weird or creepy, you’re looking at this all the wrong way. It’s rather beautiful – but I understand that it hits close to home for some people, that it stirs something in them and makes them uncomfortable. You’re still looking at it the wrong way and I would gladly discuss it further until you could at least see what it is really about – but I digress.

So do we inhabit this DD/lg dynamic now? It fluctuates and I think that’s beautiful. We have our D/s relationship and then this animalistic or deep down behaviour comes out organically and without warning. It’s beautiful.

9 thoughts on “The Daddy Dom in Me

  1. I agree I think some people take it the wrong way. My Daddy told me it’s not about the BDSM. It’s about improving me. He is helping me cope some heavy stuff. I love him very much!! ❤️❤️

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  2. i loved how You mentioned that the D/s lifestyle was a layer upon layer kind of thing. i totally can relate to what You said in Your post. There are times in which i need Daddy to teach me and cradle me like a child, and other times i need Him to be my Dom…my Master of the Universe…and take control. i very much enjoyed this post. Thank You for sharing!


  3. “Respect the woman, desire the slut, cherish the little girl. Then you will have her mind body and soul.”

    There are parts to each of us. Fractions. i am very much a babygirl. Always have been, even before i knew what that was. Even when i was unsure about using the term Daddy. It took someone very special to earn that name. He giggles at my little. Whether i’ve decided to take my teddy bear shopping with me or i am in the hunt for a new coloring book. He finds it cute and amusing. That’s not to say that when he feels like it, he won’t wake me up by taking me, fistful of hair and all.

    We identify as both D/s and DD/lg. He knows that i need his Daddy Dom side to show. i need it like i need air. i need the kindness and nurturing and guidance. But I also need to know that I can be taken, pushed, used and dominated.

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  4. Kinda not surprising that people not in the know would assume the wrong thing here and more so since a lot of women actually do have “daddy issues” and things like incest almost automatically come to mind and more so when, from your description, a “parental” relationship is implied when terms like Daddy and Little Girl are used.

    I’m not being critical because, hey, it’s all about whatever floats your respective boats, right? But people tend to believe the perception more than they do the truth, don’t they?


  5. I’m going to knock on your door with this: maybe that is what a women needs, is a daddy figure to make her feel safe, secure and sound. If she didn’t have a Dad or had a bad one, part of her might be hurting and in need of that sort of energy.

    Some women do have Daddy issues. The love and adoration of a man who exudes that sort of energy might be what heals her psyche, in ways she cannot articulate.

    After all, a Dad loves you no matter what you do and never turns his back. The love is not conditional and it never ends. It is not temperamental or sulking. For a woman (if she needs it) a Daddy Dom’s loving care might solve her Daddy issues, if any existed.


    1. What an insightful viewpoint! I was just thinking – however unrelated it is – where my sadism comes from. I have my ideas, as I do with where my Daddy qualities comes from.

      But I’ve never really wondered if it connects back to something in my own childhood. Or development.

      You write beautifully on the matter, by the way. Do you identify as a little one?

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