The Hunger

I stand fully naked before her, my cock enlarged.
She is kneeling just inches away from me, her eyes big and mystified at what she sees.
The anticipation is driving me wild myself. I can feel my cock pulsating and begging to be worshipped.
I grip her hair, she howls in pain but I don’t give a fuck.
“Take me. “ I say lowly. “Take me, you fucker”
Her mouth slides over my cock, I feel the wetness of her tongue. It is exhilarating.
I can’t help it – a moan escapes my lips. I pull her further into me. She gags but I don’t give a fuck, I’m thrusting into her sweet little mouth.
My hips are swaying into her face and then her hands wander to my ass, she grips it and gags a little more.
I find myself moaning, getting dizzy, frantic, pounding her face into submission, getting a rhythm down pat.
She stops to take a breath. I let her, fuck it. She kisses down my thigh, taking my balls into her mouth and suckling softly. I moan louder.
She goes to take another breath – but that’s one to many for my taste. I grip her head and hold her in place.
“No. Don’t you fucking dare”
I’m close, who gives a fuck about her. I force her mouth to my cock once and work her face again – faster, harder. I feel it building, it’s rising, her wet mouth is heaven, fucking heaven.
Then it hits, blinding pleasure. A grunt comes out of me and I pull out and blow my load all over her sweet, eager mouth. I don’t give a fuck where my cum lands.

Perhaps the best thing about all this is seeing her hungrily lick up the drops off her lips – her reward for being a good girl.

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