The Collar And The Leash


There’s something so primal and raw about leashing your submissive that it all connects to my beast. It’s something that connects to that that force that many don’t want to really talk about or address. And it is something that connects to Animal Roleplaying, which I will get to at a later date. But what I wanted to talk about is the psychological play about the collar and the leash.

The thing is, it doesn’t even have to be sexual. It can be just something shared between the two of you, just a beautiful past time. When talk about The Leash, I talk about having her by my side as I read or as we play video games together, or watch our favourite programs. She is always by my side. Always. She has that security she so craves and I am satisfied by owning her in such a way. I feel complete, like my animal tendencies are fulfilled. Fulfilled – there’s that word again. Curious isn’t it?

The collar I have touched upon earlier but the leash? The leash bounds her to me. Her movement is restricted and anywhere she has to go, she has to ask my permission. She has to ask my permission regardless but here, she’s definitely restricted and incapable of acting out. Why? Because all it takes is a gentle tug to remind her of her place.

It’s something that ties into our very basic and primal instincts, something that we can play with in a safe environment – I.E our homes. Essentially, we are animals. Don’t fight that thought because there is no progress traveling backwards. We are animals so why not harness that edgier and primal side in this context?

Of course there is the sexual side to the act as well. Seeing her as naked as her name day, with nothing but the collar on and the leash, which is in my hand. It makes me want to take her. It makes me want to unleash her, direct her to the bed in the position that is my favourite, and it makes me want to take her, to howl with her. It makes me want to pump her till my cock pulsates and unloads my warm come upon her face.

Does The Collar and The Leash bring out the animal in us more so? Do we find truth in our interactions? Do we unlock secrets from the depths of our brain? And why does it feel so fucking good to have this woman by my side, leashed and all?

10 thoughts on “The Collar And The Leash

  1. I continue to be so very impressed with your writing and the way you tackle sensitive subjects with grace and fluidity. Your care for and devotion to your submissive and her needs is evident in each post, and this is really important and often overlooked by those who may be unsure of the practice, or those who are opposed to it (likely because they’ve been misinformed).

    I’m kinda hoping you write a book at some point – less of a “how to” and more of an outsider’s guide to the subtleties and nuances of the lifestyle.

    Well done.


    1. Wow, Thankyou very much. I just like to write and maybe help others along the way. I don’t know if I could capture audience’s minds for the length of a book but I am touched by your words! You should pop around more often!


    1. That’s quite interesting you don’t use a leash. For her, she loves the security. She might come from a bad day at work and require it. Interesting the differences among partners, no? 🙂


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