The Possessive Dominant

I’ve talked about being animalistic before with posts like The Night Brings Out My Beast but I feel like I haven’t touched on the intensity. Maybe I never will touch on the intensity. Maybe I’ll just ramble but hopefully it’ll be entertaining for anyone wandering by.

But..the animal within me is possessive. Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me why – it just is possessive and to a very lesser extent, jealousy.  Now, I’m not about to be the man that forbids his woman from having a social life – she is her own woman. She has her own life to do whatever the hell she wants…within reason.

There is something, though, that wants to bite her throat and drag her to the bedroom kicking and screaming. There is something that claws out of my skin and is in the driver’s seat, talking away. Within reason, I want her to myself and this element is intriguing and fascinating to me. It’s such a primal feeling.

We were talking while out and about and she said something bratty, like she does when she likes to push the boundaries. My reaction was something gut-wrenching, in the sense that it twisted a knot and woke something up. My body had a freaking physical reaction. Lets get off a tangent here – An American Werewolf in London‘s transformation scene, where his body is creaking and crunching as he turns into the wolf. That was me. I was transforming into the wolf, having a FREAKING PHYSICAL REACTION. What is that? Seriously, what is the science of that? Fascinating, eh?

Now, I am not about to puff out my chest in front of other males at a party or anything but there is a slight desire there to do so…ever slightly, I might add. Like I said: behind my eyes, trying to break free from the morals my vanilla side has set.

So a possessive Dominant isn’t that bad in my eyes. So long as he/she is non-violent and non-emotionally abusive and treats their submissive beautifully, I think the animal is allowed to growl by all means.


18 thoughts on “The Possessive Dominant

  1. “trying to break free from the morals my vanilla side has set.”
    I broke free from some of those vanilla morals, and am continuing to experiment with how far I can really go… Unsure how dark the path is going to be but for now, I am very much enjoying it.

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      1. Thank you! It is who I am, I cannot be any other way and be truly myself. No one would be happy with that.


  2. Reblogged this on Searching 4 Selina and commented:
    I love how he explains that need that we as Primials feel at times. For me, its the need to be a good girl for my Daddy but then that driving need to watch that vein throb at his neck, to watch him battle his beast and know that the beast yearns to sink his teeth in me and remind me who is the master…So yummie and delicious that its is hard to put into words but as always…this Dom does such a wonderful job of explaining the urge, desire, and need.

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  3. I LOVE that animalistic reaction in Sir. I have been known to be a bit “Bratty” just to see that flash of animal in his eyes. I totally understand the need to continue a Vanilla presence in public, but a tight grip on the back of my neck, reminding me that I belong to him, makes my panties wet EVERY TIME.🔥


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