The submissive’s gift


In an email a reader sent to me, she asked me if the trust a Dominant puts into a submissive is greater or just as great than the submissive’s trust when they give over their body.

It’s an interesting question but it was one I didn’t need to mull over. It was one that I wanted to write about here, because it’s a topic I feel worthy of rambling about. When the submissive gives over her body, I think they are putting themselves outside of their comfort zone – way way out there into the depths where they will be without a torch until their Dominant arrives. They are putting their life in the hands of the Dominant and hoping that he/she will guide them safely through the journey.

Just think about everything you have experienced or want to experience and then think about the trust that this submissive is putting into their Dominant one. Crazy, risky and yet — beautiful, eh?

Now I realise that the Dominant One is putting a lot of trust into the submissive as well. Trusting them to voice their opinions, to accept their ideas, to follow orders, to accept their little sexual quirks and so forth. I’d be lying if I said Dominants aren’t vulnerable. We’re human too. We fuck up too. We aren’t always the strong man ready to tackle you to bed and shackle you. So the idea of presenting your deepest darkest secrets to someone else’s soul – that takes a lot of trust.

But you’re not really giving your body over to someone, are you? YOU are the one in charge of that body. How they address you, how they kneel, how they dress, when they masturbate, when they are allowed to climax. When their pale ass is spread across your legs, glistening with sweat and quivering with fear, they are trusting you will take care of them. Punish them if they need it but glide them back down to Earth when you are done.

So lets take the time to acknowledge the gift of the submissive – their body and their soul. Do you know how you can live through a day but not really stop to think about what that means? Have you ever looked at your living room while sitting in it and thought: Here I am, alive, lucky, in this place I love? We take things for granted. There’s no shame in it, we all do it. But when your submissive is standing or kneeling before you, remind yourself of what it has meant for them to take that step and thank them. Because his/her submission is truly a gift and just so happens to be one of the greatest gifts of all.

17 thoughts on “The submissive’s gift

  1. A great deal of trust is placed in the submissive. First, I must trust my Ella to accept my sadism, and not judge or despise me for being the sort of man who enjoys hurting a woman for sexual pleasure. It is easy for a person to judge that man. But I must be free in my own expressions to bring the kind of pleasure and intimacy that D/s can engender.


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