As I write these blogs…

Perhaps this is far too candid and if so, do correct me. I am rather odd and bold. But I think you dark creatures can handle this.


I want to let you all know…as I write these words you read. Maybe even re read. I don’t know. But as I write these words you see in my blog, I touch myself. Sometimes it’s a gentle squeeze, to ease the beast that rises forth as I write. Sometimes it’s a few gentle pulls. Or strokes.

Maybe this is self indulgent, I don’t know. But I thought somebody out there might enjoy the thought. Maybe it soars with you into the night. Maybe it burns into your mind. Maybe it doesn’t.

But for the people that are too afraid to speak up about this, I thought I’d tell you.


13 thoughts on “As I write these blogs…

  1. The creative process (writing, in this case) is essentially a sensual experience. For the creator it is usually arousing. Makes perfect sense that you would do this. Especially considering the subject matter. Heh.


  2. Maybe that’s hot, knowing that you touch yourself. What does that say about me?
    I’d take it as a compliment if people got off on my writings, I’d like to know. Isn’t that part of the experience, of being a sexual person? Am I making any sense? lol


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