Pushing the Boundaries in a D/s Relationship

I believe that anyone in a D/s relationship needs to push the boundaries. Within a safe environment of course. I mean you can’t really tell them to go into the news-agency naked can you? Although doing that to my submissive is a delicious thought, but perhaps that’s just me craving her.
Regardless, I like to push boundaries. I push just on the edge of the safe zone, so that safe zone may extend further. I believe a little push helps build confidence. A little push, not a lot. Push too hard and things could get rough and lead to a lot of resentment on your submissive’s behalf.

It’s important to know limitations. But every so often, I like to…nudge. Even if the submissive is uncomfortable, I think you should nudge. Do you know that moment where you are anxious for an event? Do you recall that moment after the event where your anxiety is dispelled and you feel giddy? That is what I’m aiming for – that feeling of elation. To push her places so that she rises and soars like the beautiful bird I know she is, like the warrior I know she can be.

You should do this too. But safety is key. Her comfort is key…to an extent. I’m not saying to push all the time, I am merely saying that you push on occasion, to build confidence, sexual prowess and to eradicate fear.

As a Dominant, I like to push her outside of her comfort zone, just as I like to push MYSELF out of my own comfort zone in regards to being too ‘safe’. A little danger can be a rush, it can help you grow. I think I need that, that her and I need that — and that everyone embarking on a D/s relationship need that?

If you are reading this and you are unsure about something, give it a try. You never know, you might just soar because of that liberation.


16 thoughts on “Pushing the Boundaries in a D/s Relationship

  1. I enjoyed this. Especially the part about pushing limits with your submissive and ALSO in your role as her Dominant. It is about existing on the edge and slightly outside of the comfort zone…that’s where the magic happens, in my humble, submissive opinion.

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  2. This is an emotional area for me because of the vulnerability required on my part. Trusting has not been easy, even with my Beloved, so to go a little further because he wants me to, is in truth a bit frightening.

    But I have to say that each time the reward of increased self-awareness has far outweighed the fear.


  3. A try & a fail is better than a nothing. And while you can’t tell your submissive to stroll naked into the news agency (because such public nudity is illegal in many places) the idea of it makes for a good story.


  4. This post is so perf… i too was pushed by my Master this weekend. We also did some public play. i was super nervous at first but when it was over was so glad that i did it.


      1. Well… we got my first play collar… We went to the park and He walked me around with a leash…. i was SUPER nervous and just wanted to walk really close to Him at first. But with His nudge I walked a lil bit ahead of Him. i was happy that there weren’t too many people at the park.


  5. I, unfortunately, push back… I know part of it is lack of experience but also because I have been on my own for so long now, it is hard to give it up that control. As much as I want to, it is hard to let go and just trust.


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