The Psychology behind Degradation 

I was always told I was a nice guy. Quiet, shy – but nice in the few words I would put forth. As a child, friends of my parents that visited our home would comment on my manners and how well spoken I was.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I love degradation. I LOVE it. Now I don’t mean I love it all the time. My moods will go from wanting tender and sweet love making to wanting to fuck. Breathless. Wild. The kind that makes you lose your breath.

In those moments, I love degrading my submissive. Sentences like “How about you show me how you like to fuck that toy while I’m away, you little cumdumpster” add a new layer to interacting with my submissive. We’re interacting on a deep level I can’t even illustrate nor describe. We’re two different people – me, the aggressive man, her — well, I’m not sure what she feels. I’ve asked her why she enjoys it so much and she can’t find the words. We don’t enjoy it all the time – and thank God I have found someone on the same page as me – but when we do enjoy it, we let loose and become utterly filthy. Like two wolves howling at the moon, growling and fucking till we are spent.

I like to pull hair, I like to call names, I like to spit and I like shooting my load all over someone. The ultimate act to claim this person as mine. My favourite way to claim dominance is to assume the 69 position where I slide my cock in her mouth and control her toy. She can’t escape that position, as I hover over her and pump her sweet little treasures. It can be thrilling and intoxicating and wild.

I know this is my animal acting out but is there more to the reason why we like to claim and be claimed? There’s a cruelty in me that I want to go into in another post in another time. I find that behaviour fascinating and want to find the roots and understand why.

Lastly, I want to say that degradation is a topic I feel one needs to take quite seriously. Because us humans are sensitive creatures and you’re dealing with emotions, make sure you are working in an environment that doesn’t get to the point where it might actually offend your submissive.

These are sensitive subjects you are dealing with and though you are in the moment, I’ve found with previous submissive’s that some might start to wonder if there’s a grain of truth behind the words used.

So make sure that some time talking afterwards is taken so that you both have time to drop from those heightened states and come back down from your roles. A great deal care is required here.

Make sure a safe word is established if the moment gets too much and a break needs to be taken. Have fun but above all else, take care of each other.


One thought on “The Psychology behind Degradation 

  1. I am fascinated by the many, many aspects of people and their desires. The things that turn one on and another off are immensely interesting to me. I think it adds to the beautiful tapestry of human beings.


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