Sensual thoughts before bed

I had been working on a post that pondered whether perversion was in built and if I was the only struggling with it but that just makes me sound like a horn dog so I scrapped it. Instead I want to talk something else entirely: How good it is to sleep nude with fresh sheets. Absolutely divine, let me tell you.

More than that though, it sparks something primal in me. I feel the sheets beneath my chest, I feel my shaven cock grind against the fabric and I’m gone: I’m aching and animalistic and ready to sink my teeth into the submissive that lays before me.




I drag her into my world, the princess of my underworld. A slave to my desire, bound to my every will. Trying to fight back but with each soft kiss against her nipple, she falls back into submission, back into the night and back into my underworld, this all sparked by the one thought – my body against the sheets.

These kind of blogs – do let me know if they are uninteresting – because to me, these are all things that connect to a bigger theme: My animal and the world around us.  I thought I’d share.


11 thoughts on “Sensual thoughts before bed

  1. I love these posts! The feed the primal thoughts that flood my mind. I may not be the type to act on every thought, but the delicious way they feed passion is undeniable.


  2. I love these types of posts. I think we all have similar thoughts…but many of us may not have the voice to put it out there. So thank you for sharing.
    I don’t think you should scrap that original blog for fear of sounding like a horn-dog. Trust me, you are in good company here.

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  3. Sleeping nude on fresh sheets, that’s an event in and of itself. Fresh sheets are always so cool & crisp and the act of sinking, completely naked, into that cool, crispness, is…well, is a good thing.

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  4. Yes, Siree!! Earlier this week, I awoke in, save that I am the submissive enslaved to His voice and touch. Every inch of my flesh alight by fresh sheets.


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