O Sweet Voyeurism!

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You know..I’ve got to thank you guys for putting up with my rambles. It’s really refreshing to know there are people out there that are squirming to my words, even when I write A LOT. This is going to be a different post. I hope you like it but if I stray too much from the general theme of the blog, please speak up.

Tonight – at least in Australia – I want to talk about Voyeurism. Because It’s something that has been a recurring theme in my life, this I’ll tell you now. From Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and Rear Window to my adventures as a teenager.

It came to my mind again while I was sitting here just lurking on the pages of the people that enjoy my ramblings. I’m sitting in the lounge room in the dark, just thinking as one tends to do. Then a light shines up through the crack in the blinds, probably coming from the house across the street. But what’s interesting is that my mind jumps to the image of a bedroom window, the blinds slightly open, enough for me to peer through…and when I do, this woman, she’s peeling off her panties and revealing her bare ass to me. And the light of her bedroom bounces off those delicious curves of her ass.

And then I got to thinking. My bedroom window can be easily seen into from the opposite side of the street. I sleep naked every night, I am often naked in my home. Has there been a time where a person has caught the curves of my ass? Or my cock stiffening in the morning, as it tends to do? Do I venture with them into their dreams — or their showers?

Do I…Dominate their mind?

No, this thought has little to do with BDSM but the connecting thread here is my animal. All it took was the light to shine through the blind and my mind jumped to that. What is that? Boiling it off to perversion is too easy. It has to be something deeper than that?

What would I do if this woman caught me undressing in my bedroom? What would I say if she was collecting her mail the same time I was and our eyes met? The thought being —  I know you saw. 

O, such a delicious thought to wrap up the night.

9 thoughts on “O Sweet Voyeurism!

  1. When I was growing up my mother was obsessive about keeping the drapes closed at night. She was always concerned that people would be looking in otherwise. I think she almost supplanted this idea that I’m always being watched in my head. It took me a long time to let that go…of being self-conscious near an open window at night. Now I might walk to my home at night naked with the drapes open, and I feel comfortable happy and neutral.I don’t mind if someone catches a glimpse of me, nor am I trying to show off. I’m free.

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  2. Our room is on the second story of the front of the house. We often sleep with the curtains and (with the cool weather) windows open. I’m positive the neighbors have seen or heard something. Sometimes I wonder who. Who has looked? Who has been going for a walk or to their car and heard our moans? Were they shocked or appalled? Did they listen and get turned on? I guess I may never know for sure.


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