Shopping for outfits: Strengthening the bond in a D/S Relationship

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Nothing gives me a greater thrill than to shop with/for my submissive. Not only do I get to come to understand her taste in clothing and what might or might not work in the future but it also sparks my imagination just undressing and dressing her again and again. It’s an erotic experience to walk around the shops, everyone oblivious to why we are both are there.

More than that though, the psychology behind it is fascinating. Even when we are outside of role, she will point out a dress, lift it to her marvellous chest and ask What do you think?

The vanilla person hears: Hey hun, what do you think? 

But what she is really getting at is: What do you think of this one, Sir?

With every outfit, she turns to me for my opinion. She will hold up two different singlet tops and look to me for my opinion. It’s in her eyes – that submission staring right back at me. In a single second, it is on me to help make the decision and dress her how I see fit.

It makes a situation that could potentially be mundane be sexually charged. This evening when we were out late night shopping, she held up a singlet top meant for sleep. I leant in very closely and whispered “This will go splendidly with those little rainbow striped panties you have, kitten”

This makes her grin. We are in our own private world, the only ones that matter. Everyone around us is oblivious to our little adventure, our little secret. It heightens the experience and makes the journey all the more fun, as each new day we do this brings something different. Maybe even something we didn’t really know about each other.

More than anything though, it’s a great way to communicate. It’s a great way to get to know each other. It will be a great way for newcomers to grow together and find out about their tastes, so long as their gentle in their distaste.
The submissive might enjoy having someone take care of her outfit choices – I know my pet does, she seem to relish the days – but at the end of the day, we all like feeling sexy about ourselves and what better way to do that than to slip on a dress and a sexy pair of panties. My pets words, scout’s honour.

15 thoughts on “Shopping for outfits: Strengthening the bond in a D/S Relationship

  1. I’m so enjoying most all of your writings. You really get it…the joy of Dom & sub.

    A couple of your posts really pushed my boundaries, and I don’t have many of those. Made me ponder why it’s ok for me to have fantasies of being raped, but then feel I feel uneasy when you admit to having fantasies of raping. You are making me think, and I like that.

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    1. Wow, I am touched. I pushed the boundaries for you? Maybe it was always there but you were too afraid. Don’t be, never be. If there is a topic you want me to touch on or explore or hear more about from me, please feel free to step forward.


      1. Indeed you did. I had just never thought about the rape fantasy from a punishing Dominant’s perspective and the scene you painted (this was triggered by an earlier post of yours) it made me a little uncomfortable. Not judging you, just being honest.


  2. I don’t know if the “submissive might enjoy having someone take care of her outfit choices” or if she just likes pleasing her Sir. I know that for me, seeing the smile on his face when an outfit pleases him, makes me feel sexier then I ever could standing in front of a mirror, admiring myself. Secret meanings out in public, now that is HOT! Thank you for sharing.


  3. Great and insightful post, TD&D.

    I had a similar shopping trip with Maestro this weekend. I tried on dresses he selected and I could see the look of approval in his eyes. It was a very intimate experience…especially when he would have to zip and unzip each dress for me. i found myself trying on extra dresses…just because.


      1. It is wonderful…having those microcosms of exhibitionism while engaged in the most mundane of tasks…shopping.
        And much to my disappointment, we didn’t find an appropriate dress. Guess we will have to keep shopping…


  4. Lovely hearing about this from your perspective.
    Alder has always bought my undies – for that delicious shared secret of something extravagant and sexy beneath my work clothes.
    This past couple of years as our D/s has grown and become more defined he has started buying me dresses and tops, and I am so thrilled to wear something he has chosen. This is something he would never have dreamed of before D/s. That he has the confidence to chose and buy for me like this is such a turn-on for me!


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  5. I think this is what I miss most about being involved in active submission. Sir used to have me send photo’s of me wearing two different outfits and he would choose which one I was to wear Including what was or was not to be worn underneath. I can’t tell you hot horny I got during a day at work with no panties under my skirt! Good times….


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