Questions? Ask away!

Firstly, this is an experimental post. I’ve noticed a handful of readers have expressed their confusion at my apparent ability to turn around a situation they had no interest in and make it hot or appealing to them. Thank you very much, I am blessed to have been found by such a lovely audience. It means more than you’ll know.

But still, the confusion rages on. And although that is half the battle of the folk who discover these things about themselves, maybe there’s something I can help you with or explore further with you. Maybe you just see me as  faceless being and don’t want to bother. Maybe you’re shy? I don’t know but If I can help, I want to. List them in an email or in the comment section below and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

And as I’ve got you here, maybe there’s something you want to know from my perspective or are curious about – anything – anything at all – Ask away.

I certainly don’t mean to blow my own horn, by the way. I am just a regular guy making his way in the universe. I just want to help people and if I can alleviate some of that confusion as you walk your journey then good! So don’t be shy: step into the dark.


22 thoughts on “Questions? Ask away!

  1. I love to hear the Dom’s point of view who isn’t my Dom. I have another Dom friend and I love hearing his posts. I don’t have questions at the moment, but just love to read your stuff! 💋❤️

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  2. Sooooo we get to ask ANYTHING and he will answer (giggle) goodness but the Brat in me started to rub her hands together in glee when we read this. So my questions are as this:
    You have shared your views on orgasm denial…but how do you FEEL about spanking? How do you feel when you do it?
    Do you prefer bare hand spanking or paddle and if so which and why.
    What do you enjoy the most about your primal self and which the least and why?

    and of course, if a train left the station in San Francisco going 55 miles per hour heading to New York what time would it reach Dallas, TX? (giggle)

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  3. I love spanking, I feel such a thrill while doing it. It’s a thrill I can’t really seem to describe. I don’t quite use it as such for punishment because I find sexual pleasure in it and that’s not on if I’m aroused by it. So I do it for pleasure.

    How do I feel doing it? Not myself. I feel alive. I feel a certain joy seeing her ass being thrown forward as my hand comes into contact with her bare ass. Which answers your earlier question, which I answered out of order just to mess with the order of things. I’d use a paddle just for a harder smack and to create that level of intensity. (Which is oh so good to see on the face of my sub) Yet I prefer the intimacy that comes with smacking her with my bare hand.

    Speaking of smacking – you’re going the right way for a smacked bottom yourself, miss. Behave.

    The most I enjoy about my primal self is the passion that courses through my veins, that intoxicating desire that wants, nay, NEEDS, to fuck. It’s delicious and dizzying. Why? Because to sink into is to release myself and liberate myself from holding back. I’ve done that for far too long.

    The least I like about it is sometimes I’ll get a thought in my head that startles even me. And it’s the darkness grinning back at me. I both enjoy it and am perplexed by the spontaneity of it. I have no choice in dealing with it. It is there.

    Lastly, you’re a brat.

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  4. Getting another Dom’s perspective…This is an offer too good to pass up.
    A) Re: submissive speech. My Sir and I are not 24/7. My normal speech pattern (which is not disrespectful, but can be argumentative or challenging) as his wife gets me in trouble as His sub. This happens especially when I attempt to say no to something in the D/s context. My question to you is, “Why is submissive speech so important in the context of D/s? What is speech that is otherwise perceived as respectful now perceived as disrespectful in a D/s context?”
    B) Why are things like whether your sub is wearing underwear/what kind of underwear OR whether she wears her collar and cuffs to bed as you said so important? Unlike “play” or “scene,” this isn’t something you see or experience if you will. If a sub is amazing in bed, but questions these things — how does it make you feel? Do you feel disrespected if she asks why or fails to comply?


    1. Speech training is important because not only does it establish rules for the submissive to adhere too, at the request of the Dominant. It’s important because of the reasons why you submitted to him in the first place, because it is a sign of respect.

      I think your Sir is wrong is this regard. I think it is wrong to punish her for what she says out of role. Out of role, you should be free to say whatever without fear of being attacked for it. If anything, he is abusing his power because it sounds like he is not giving you room to breathe as your two personalities. I think that’s disrespectful to you. How are YOU feeling about it?

      I don’t know why it’s important, at least it’s hard to describe. I get an immense satisfaction from seeing her wear my collar I picked for her, as it’s a sign of ownership. All of it is a sign of ownership.

      If a sub questioned me, I would question right back. I encourage her inquisitive nature and if she questioned in a non snarky tone, I would explore her feelings with her if she asked why.

      Miss, do we need to have a heart to heart? It sounds like you’re not having a solid time in your D/s relationship.

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      1. Thank you for responding. I think I wasn’t clear. I am very free to speak however I want outside the D/s context. However, things said in a disrespectful tone or questioning/refusing to obey (especially on simple things) within the D/s context gets me in trouble. I was just trying to understand why the speech or simple things are so important.


      2. Well, still – he should be gentle with you. All Doms should be gentle. And if the submissive questions it, it should be the Doms chance to explain to her. The Dominant’s role is to guide her. He should relish to opportunity to explain.

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  5. Great to hear a refreshing perspective, as a Dom do you think it is possible to have two subs?
    Also, do you have your sub do tasks in public?


    1. I certainly think it’s POSSIBLE to have two subs but would I want that? Personally, no. I am strictly one on one in a relationship because I wouldn’t feel right spreading out resources between the two. I’d rather focus all my attention and efforts into the one relationship.

      My sub is always doing tasks in public, because she is always wearing the outfit and underwear I have worked with her to throw on. I don’t get her to do outlandish things where she might be jeopardy but I do push her limits and certainly work within what she’s comfortable with. Thanks for such good questions!

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    1. The only stupid question is the one not asked! That’s an interesting question. It depends on the person and their personal preferences. I personally feel like that title should be earned first – like trust and any other aspect of friendship. Earn it first with me and I’ll address you just fine. I hope that helps!

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      1. In your eyes, they have to earn that title for you to be able to address them as such. If they are kind and respectful and treat you beautifully, then if you feel they are deserving, by all means

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