One Of These Days


One of these days, she’s going to come home from work to me sitting on the bed. She’s going to go to say hello – then she is going to notice my stern look and slip immediately into the role of my submissive. That’s when she’ll notice the items beside me – first, her eyes will fall upon the ball gag, in her favourite colour. Then her eyes will dart across to the next item on display – a frilly pair of lacy knickers, a dazzling emerald colour with black tips around the edges. I will catch that uneasy smile she flashes from time to time and my own stomach muscles will tighten in anticipation as I think: Wait till she sees what I have in store for her next.

That’s when her eyes will move along the bed and she will notice it – the main event, the riddle that my own darkened mind has conjured forth. She’ll eye off the outfit, she’ll gasp – maybe she might even hesitate, weighing over what I’m asking of her. You see, laying before her, next to her ball gag and the panties I picked out for her, will be a Tinkerbelle outfit – frilly, very short and just the right size for her. You see, she’s a Disney fanatic. She has been since she was a little girl and her journey into adulthood has not seen that passion for the characters and animation fade away, it has only gotten stronger.

And the best thing about this outfit? It is going to take that very innocence – this cute character, this childhood fan favourite – and it is going to be violated. When I write these words just now, my heart pounds away. I feel that darkness surging within me. I feel the grin spread across my face, twisting my lips just thinking about her slipping out of her dress and standing naked before me. Her eyes will be wide and slightly scared. She will know what needs to be done and without a word, she will slip into her dazzling emerald panties, her pale and delicious bum slipping away from view.

Then she will step into the outfit timidly and I will sit back on the bed and tell her to put her hands behind her back. The outfit runs to just above her knee, showing off those incredible legs of hers. From there my eyes will travel upwards, over her breasts, which threaten to spill out of her outfit. Time will pass as she stands there, waiting for my order. I will drag out the minutes just to watch her squirm. How long could she stand there for, I wonder as I write these words. How long can she hold that position?

Before she becomes agitated, I would beckon her towards me, so that she is standing between my parted legs. The animal in me wants to lift up her outfit, gaze upon her in the panties I picked out. However there isn’t a moment to waste and I will take her ball gag and fit it across her mouth accordingly. She might whimper then and there and if so, I would comfort her.

The journey we are going to take is safe, I will say. I promise.

Maybe the animal in me, The Beast I am not sure I can trust, will still be grinning, no doubt thinking I am going to shoot my load all over little slutty tink’s outfit.

But I will shake that thought – file it under “TBC” in my head – and direct her to get on all fours on the bed. If she hesitates, I’ll spank her. If she stutters, I’ll mark her lily-white ass so hard she will whimper.

She will get on all fours; regardless of the day she’s had. The animal in me concurs

I want my slutty little tink. Don’t deny me this. We both know what will happen.

When she is on all fours, I will proceed to my wardrobe and one by one, take out my ties. Two for each hand, so that her hands may be bound to the headrest and another two for each leg. Ties are so personal, don’t you think? She’ll think about this when I am out for a meeting and dressing up. She’ll see my tie and remember this moment

This moment where I fill her tight little ass with my cock till she’s whimpering, till my come dribbles out of her sweet hole.

My animal is restless as I write these words. It needs her. I know it’ll beg me to unleash on her, the helpless sweet thing. But when she will be tied down and restricted, I will test the strength of my ties. When she whimpers back to me, I will be sitting there and admiring the curves of her ass that show because the outfit is too short and cannot cover her properly.

Maybe her cunt is glistening at you from where you sit, tempting us. We need to take her.

But what to do with her body now that she is helpless? Ah. That is what I’ll do – exactly! I will move across to the bedside drawer, where she keeps her toy – her favourite toy she likes to use for me – and I will grab it. In my mind, this is how I want to use it: I will turn it on to her favourite setting, a medium buzz, and I will drag it down her body…. over her breasts from below…down her back…I will tease her ass…circling the tip of her toy around and around so that it tickles the nerve endings.then I will plunge into her. Hard – then harder. Again.

And again.


And again.


And Again.


Maybe I’ll let it rest on her clit. Maybe I’ll use the toy and slide it down to her nerve endings around her ass. If she whimpers through the gag, I’ll slap her. If she continues to protest, I’ll slap her harder. I can hear my animal’s voice now:

Slap the fucking bitch.

She’s never had her ass taken; maybe I might squeeze an inch in just for good measure, just to feel her wince. But I really want to do is make her edge. Once. Then twice. Again.

And again.


And again.

Till there are tears streaming down her pretty face. I can feel my cock grow just writing this, anticipating plunging deep into her cunt. How long I will make her edge, listen to her sobs, her muffled cries beneath the gag that will be music to my ears…I do not know. I want to bring her to the brink of insanity; I want to hear her become savage and violent. Maybe beneath the gag she’ll be screaming

You motherfucker, you piece of shit. I want to come. Let me fucking come.

I want to see her devolve just for the sake of this release. I want to drive her to madness, to feel this elation. And maybe I’ll say she can come just to plunge the toy into her..get her to ride the wave…and then deny her…

And then…

Well, then I will mount her. I will ride her from behind till she comes around me, washing my cock in her delightful juices. I’ll ride her till she comes again..maybe a third time. I know how she likes to come when I am on top of her and inside her deep. But we won’t stop..oh no…we’ll keep going till she’s exhausted, till her head hurts from me tugging on her hair, till I come and pull out to shoot the rest up her back and then tell her how my come is dribbling out of her slutty little cunt..

One of these days, she’s going to get what’s coming to her.

32 thoughts on “One Of These Days

  1. He had the look of a predator as he stared at me, watching me take in the view he displayed for me. His look was intense. Every now and then his upper lip would go up in a slight snarl. His body tensed, like a wire that was about to snap. He would smile at times as I stared at him warily. What was in store? His surprises were always unique and erotic.
    I wonder if he knows that dressing like an innocent little girl he plans to destroy arouses me beyond my senses. Does he know what it does to my mind when he wants me to be his slutty little Tink?
    The beast in him brings out my savage lust in such a way, I am always amazed that I have never completely blacked out. The lustful rage he drags out of me is like a tornado. It destroys every thought except to reach ultimate pleasure. And when he takes me, like a lion takes his lioness, tears fall from so many emotions jumbled into one. And yes, my tears makes him ravage my body. And it pleases me to no end to make him lose control. It pleases me greatly when he is spent from the vicious lustful way he took me.
    He always takes us on a journey I never want to end.

    Goodness your writing is exquisite!!

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