Amidst The Darkness Within

I have a good relationship with the darkness within me. I feed it, it manages to leave me be. But sometimes it will shock me with its ability to conjure forth an idea and arouse me. Something that appeals to my darkness, something that it craves, sometimes relentlessly, is to find an image, say something from Disney’s animations and exploit that sort of timelessness and innocence. Something that revels in destroying the images from our childhood.

Let’s take a look at Alice in Wonderland: the poor lovely blondie is trapped in a nightmarish mystery land with no clear path to exit. What if The Mad Hatter lifts up that dress of hers, revealing a pair of lacy black panties, and takes her by force from behind before erupting on her face. Talk about a tea party.

What if instead of the order of “Off with her head”, The Queen orders her guards to Gang bang Alice while she watches from her chair, pleasuring herself.

Or let’s look at the attractive sisters Anna and Elsa from Frozen. I feel like I need to write a story where a man seduces them both, leading to a wild threesome that results in an incestuous relationship that would be another way to wrap up Anna and Elsa’s relationship.

Taking Beauty and the Beast is just too easy. The man’s obviously already halfway there – he’s got he anger issues, he’s dark and brooding and hey, he’s literally a beast. He could take her out on the balcony to look at the moon and take her by surprise – a fist full of hair in one hand, his hand gripping her tit in the other.

I don’t know what it is in me that find these images so alluring. I think it’s for two reasons – one, because it’s alluring and two, because the darkness inside of me gets a cruel glee at taking these innocent images and twisting them into something sexual and warped. I love it. That darkness is bewildering and intoxicating all at once.

I wanted to share this example of my darkness within me with the blog world. Hopefully it challenges you and surprises you to think of things that you watched as a child in such an adult way.

14 thoughts on “Amidst The Darkness Within

  1. We played the game “Things”. ( It is totally awesome, by the way.) Anyway, one of the categories was “Things you should never use as a title for a children’s book”. I guess I share your dark side because “Snow White does the Seven Dwarfs” was the first title that came to my mind. 😉


  2. Isn’t it amazing how these images can be so erotic? Sounds like your darkness and mine are not so different. Mine flashes some of the most surprising things at me occasionally.


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