I want to worship you


You are laying there before me, looking up at me anxiously. You can feel your heart beating in your chest.
You’ve walked in the door from wherever you last were outside and unexpectedly, I’ve taken you in my arms and stripped you down to nothing. I’ve pushed you back on the bed. Your hair is lying back in a mess.
I am hovering over you, completely naked myself, my dark eyes scanning your body. My face — unreadable.
Suddenly I grab your left arm. You panic – you can’t help it, it’s your body reacting. You struggle but it’s hurt. You know I have that firm grip so you go with it. It was starting to hurt anyway.
I lift your arm high above your head, fully stretched out. It hurts a little but not that much. You try to wrench it free but it’s tied tight, Your other arm comes next. You don’t even both fighting and up it goes. a pause, you feel the velvety material wrap around you. A pause. Then it is tight.
I disappear from your view a moment and you struggle to lift your head up to see but you can’t pull your arms free.

I return with my tie – you recognise it as the tie I wore out to dinner for that birthday celebration just yesterday. You gasp again as I lean across you, my hard cock skimming across your stomach. You reach behind my head, softly telling me to raise my head. I do so – and then your world is plunged into darkness.

For a moment, there is silence. You can’t hear my breathing, you can’t hear anything. It puts you on edge. Then suddenly, the bed rocks and you turn, looking in the direction you felt it shift. Now you hear my breath — and then my voice, low and calm.

I want to worship you

Your heart misses a beat. You find it harder to breathe.

I want to feast on you

My voice fades a little as you feel my soft kisses down your burning skin….once across your neck. It melts. Another time across your stomach.

I want to quench my thirst with you

You feel the brush of my hair against your thighs – then my mouth lowered against your warm cunt. The sensation makes you flinch in one of those delicious ways..and then I devour you entirely..




I am not sure about this one. I don’t know if it is ‘sexy’ enough. You want erotica to be successful, right? I.E It turns you on – well, I like a good mind fuck and am a firm believer in giving enough to satisfy while letting the reader establish their own fantasy. Did I succeed?

9 thoughts on “I want to worship you

  1. It’s good work the only area I would add to would be the ending. I would love to read your words on how specifically you devour her where your mind, hands & tongue are & what they are doing.


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