I’m sprawled out on my bed.
Completely naked.
My left hand glides down to my nipple and pinches. Hard.
It digs the nail in. Hard.
My hand twists the nipple.
The pain is refreshing. Surprisingly arousing.
My hand continues to trail down my body.
Fingertips claw down my stomach.
Faint red lines leave their mark.
My hand reaches down to my testicles.
The fingers curl, softly stroking them.
I muffle my moans into my pillow, they cannot hear me.
I grip the head of my throbbing cock.
Each throb pulsates through my body.
You there.
Yes you…reading this.
Where ever you lay.
Run your hand down your body.
trail your way down
take a finger
stroke yourself.
Forget the world..
forget the problems

play with me…


I tried to be short, sweet and straight to point. To the point where you wanted more. Did it work? Did it fail? Let me know.


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