Have your submissive keep a journal




I find this is a useful tool for my submissive but keeping a daily journal can be a way for both parties to catalogue their thoughts and in turn, reflect on their journey in the D/s relationship and in life and who knows, six months later they can look back and realise how far they have come.

I have my submissive keep a daily journal for a few reasons I will go into:

– She’s not confident about her writing. She doesn’t believe in her ability to write. By giving her exercises, say, essays to write (topics can be of your choice – E.G “Why I am a good submissive”), I hope to build her confidence in this area.

– I get her to keep a daily journal so she can come to terms with her journey. She’s new to the lifestyle and I think that each and every one of us will find that when we put pen to paper, we are surprised by what tumbles out onto the page. The journal is not used to attack my submissive, rather it is used to express what’s going on in that mind of hers. Sometimes she can’t articulate it well and by doing this, she will gain the useful tools to communicate more easily in social situations.

– On occasion, I will get her to write her sexual fantasies out. She’s insecure in her sexuality sometimes, she’s far too shy about it. Shyness is attractive and while I certainly don’t mean to take that from her identity – I’m not in the business of owning a robot – I want her to feel more confident in approaching sexual activity with me. Creativity is fun, especially when exploring it sexually.

– When she acts out of line or is defiant, it is also a useful disciplinary tool. Remember writing lines as a child in school? I like to remind her of her place – that she is the student and I am the teacher. I will get her to write anywhere between 20-50 lines, depending on the punishment.

– Another use for the journal is that the submissive will most likely, in the event of a punishment, reflect on what they did wrong and how they can react in future. It’s rather effective, as it forces them to confront their actions without having the Dominant One point it out for them.


Creativity is sexy to me. I love it and crave it in my D/s relationship. Thus, I get my submissive to do these for me. It brings us closer together and in turn, allows for her to grown and thrive along with me on our journey.

One thing you must NOT do if you are keeping a journal – and this goes for both parties here – is use your partner’s words against them. The journal is a haven for them to express themselves and they certainly don’t need their significant other having that ammo for possible future arguments, especially when they are trusting their partner in letting them read something so private and personal. So, be kind.

3 thoughts on “Have your submissive keep a journal

  1. I love the journaling idea. I have been writing as Sir and I have been on our journey. It is fun to look back and read exactly how I was feeling and the details of what happened, along the way. I am also LOVING writing about my fantasies. I have been working on one and I am at 15 pages, over 8000 words, and still going. Even in college, I never wrote anything that long or as fulfilling as I am finding this to be. I also loved your advice about not using her words against her. I have no problem with punishment, I actually find enjoyment in it, but when you bare your soul on paper, it would be devastating to have someone destroy that vulnerability. Thank you for your kind thoughts.


    1. It’s lovely to hear someone experiencing this. Try as I might, I do not know what runs through the submissive’s mind. You are very kind. I am glad you are enjoying my work. Thank you. Never hesitate to approach me if you need guidance from an outsider.


  2. We both use our blogs as journals from time to time. You get a very different, inner view of the other person. I think your last paragraph goes both ways, especially for married D/s. Your articles are very well-written and informative. Thank you for sharing!


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