The thrill of choking

In the past few months, I’ve been introduced to choking.  It never occurred to me in my earlier years as a Dominant. Not really at all. Roleplaying? Yes. Forced orgasms? You betcha. Hell, I dabbled in cutting – yes, cutting. A very primal release between two horny teenagers. If the notion seems dark to you, believe me, I had second thoughts about putting it up myself. But now that we’ve settled in together, if you want to hear my thoughts about it, please feel free to email me. I am happy to respond.

But anyway – choking just seemed to cross that line. Maybe it was going to cross the line I wasn’t ready crossing as a Dominant. Maybe it was the one true test but it all seemed so physical and a little bit off putting to me. I don’t want to crush her throat, you know? It takes a great deal of consideration.

Until, in the throes of a kiss, she grabbed my hands and put them around her throat.
At first, I was hesitant to let loose. Oh boy, I wanted to. As soon as my hands felt her flesh beneath them, something just switched on in me. Maybe all my life was leading to this one defining moment – where I become the experimental boy that transforms into the Dominant man. Certainly sounds cheesy, doesn’t it? But let’s get on a tangent for a moment here, shall we? Stop reading my words for a moment and think back on your life. Think about the defining moments that left an impression on you. Now would you say that you needed those moments to get you where you were? How would your life be without them?

Leaning over my submissive, with her cheeky look in her eyes and her hands, this was how I felt about choking her. That it all led to this one defining moment.
A voice in my head said This is what you’ve been waiting for, hasn’t it? Squeeze the life out of her, seize the moment. But I’m human like anyone else, the last thing I want to do is rupture something, resulting in a lifelong injury.

But I put my hand around her neck and squeezed, pressing her down into the bed.
The first time this happened, I held back my animal so as not to kill her terribly. I was hesitant to fully unleash that part of me because that unbridled rage is a little frightening. Tapping into that, I have to be careful. Something inside of me says: Be wary.
The more we played over the days, the more I gradually let the animal out of the cage.
So when that adorable little moan escaped her lips and she licked at the air — when her eyes rolled back into her head as she gasped for breath, I got hard.
I got hard and became savage.
You see, all I had to do was put my hand to her throat and she froze. She was absolutely still. She couldn’t be the brat that talked back anymore because she was so driven to obey me. Her animal wanted mine. She could be talking sass, rocking her head and biting at me with teasing venom but when I grabbed her neck and squeezed, she froze.

So I choked her. I squeezed the life out of her. I felt a faint rage as I did and God help me, I got harder over it.
I would suck on her little nipples and watch them stiffen under my tongue and when I sucked them into my mouth, she would let out that soft cry, all the while struggling to breathe under my hands.
And the thing was…the thing that infuriates the animal within me to this day…even choking to breathe, she pushed against her submissive side to open her eyes and mock me. She grinned and said is that all you got? even when she was at odds and knew I had the upper hand. Even at that time, she was a fucking brat. But I showed her, oh yes I did. And she fell to my command, as I knew she would.

And afterwards, as we relaxed, our primal sides returning to the softer sides, she moaned all breathless and pathetic, trying to catch her breath.
Even then, her eyes were rolling in the back of her head as she came down to Earth once more.

That was…fucking amazing she said between pants.


And ever since that time, I have enjoyed unleashing myself upon her when our animals howl at the moon together.

4 thoughts on “The thrill of choking

  1. I must admit..i simply love breath play. I always have. I have only dabbled with it here and there. most that I’ve been with feel a bit uneasy when my eyes roll back in my head. One, however, was very clever in his delivery. He would push himself so deeply in my throat that there was no room for air. And he would count to see how long I could hold that position. It was very hot. But I missed the sensation of hands on my throat, so it didn’t really scratch my itch as I needed it to…
    Great post…


  2. It is the most carnal, the most intimate, the most Dominant and erotic thing he’s done to me. Neither of us can seem to get enough. You’re right, his animal rises to the surface, I fall into some deeply submissive yet animal place in kind. We dance then and his Dominance scorches me.

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  3. Reblogged this on Enigmatic Amor and commented:
    This post describes what happens when Mr. D does the same thing to me with a depth and intimate knowledge from the Dominant side of the experience. What Tall, Dark and Dominant describes is what I see and feel from Mr. D before the sensations of it overwhelm me.

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