The power of Orgasm Denial

When I say I’m a fan of psychological punishment, I mean I go all out — I pull out all the stops.

And seeing as it’s 12-29am as I write this and my tired mind pulls out all filters, I want to talk about something we all know as Orgasm Denial.
There is nothing quite as sensual and erotic – and stimulating to my Dominant side – than having my submissive writhe in agony as I tell her she cannot play, that she has to watch me touch myself, all while I’m inches from her face.
“Please” She will say, growing agitated and fidgety. “It aches”
I refuse. I get her to edge and edge. I love to edge. I think it’s an intense experience — and sharing that with someone is even more intense, because come that release – well…I’ve never felt anything like it.
But Orgasm Denial as psychological punishment that satisfies my Dom. It goes beyond the act of edging, there’s something within me that takes pleasure about being a mind fuck to my submissive.
I actually ENJOY seeing her beg..seeing her lose her mind and just throw anything at me in hopes I let her come. She is at my mercy, trying to kiss my lips – which I deny.
And the best thing – the absolute best thing – is that she can’t act out. She’s frozen in place because somehow, someway my commands has her captivated. I mean, she could easily disobey. But she doesn’t. She can’t. For the life of her, she just can’t.
All these feelings swirl around in my head as I touch myself over going mad – a delicious dance of me with my hands as I watch her bite her lip and grip the bedsheets to stop her hands from wandering.
Maybe I’ll ease on top of her and put her out of her misery with my cock. Maybe I’ll let her use her favourite toy. The delicious possibilities are endless.
This is just one method of psychological torture I like to inflict upon my submissive. It’s a balance we both enjoy and sometimes a nice departure from our living and loving D/s relationship.

8 thoughts on “The power of Orgasm Denial

  1. Reblogged this on Searching 4 Selina and commented:
    I love this, I love to hear a Dom who admits to the joy that orgasm denial brings him…the joy from the dance that we have both engaged in and the lip licking joy that can be found at the end of said dance. To lay there, captive by his command, watching him touch and stroke…wishing that it were your body he was touching…such sweet torture indeed!

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  2. This is probably one of my favorite things. Edging and mind trickery. And being bound watching a man touch himself, wishing it were me pleasing him is this twisted, tempting hotness. You describe it so well!

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