The First Steps Into The Night


If you want to be free, never ever stop seeking that freedom. We deny ourselves what we want in our life because of what we were raised to believe or what was taught to us up until we started to grow into teenagers and then into adults.

I started writing this to someone’s blog here and it clicked into what I wanted to talk about in my next blog: The first steps into the night, into this lifestyle that may be with you for the rest of time.

However we approach the first steps into our new lives depends on how we were raised, which would influence our minds going into adulthood, subconsciously or otherwise. And doesn’t that dictate what we bring into our personal lives and society? Doesn’t it shape how we might think? Aren’t we being conditioned to believe in a set of rules established by society, thus possibly making our transformation into our roles a little harder to come to rest with.

I had no one with me when I took my journey. This isn’t me playing the victim card, this is me simply stating that when I took the first steps on the journey to become Dominant, I didn’t have the friends who were going through the same thing. I mean, I had friends but do you know that conversation would’ve gone if I opened up that part of my life?

Friend: Hey Man, what’ve you been up to?

Me: Nothing much, just looking into experimenting with rape fantasies.

Friend: Alright cool – wait, what?

I didn’t have anyone in the lifestyle to talk to because everyone in the lifestyle keeps it private and that’s alright, that’s how it should be. But now that I’m here, now that I’m through the other side and have made friends – friends who have convinced me that my writing is good enough to put up somewhere – All I can think of is the people that are now like me, the people that are finding their way just like me: And that’s what I want to talk about.

No one should do this alone. No one. If you are and by chance you are reading this, please – use my email, that’s what it’s there for. Don’t hesitate for any reason. There doesn’t have to be a stigma with me as well.

Hell, there shouldn’t be a stigma. If this world was perfect, we could talk about our connections around the dinner table. I’m not suggesting lets talk about how we acted out our fantasy or masturbated in the shower,  that would be rather awkward. I am saying we should be able to identify as Dominant to regular folk without the looks that may follow.

I started this blog because I wanted to write my thoughts as they go along. I want to talk with the community and hopefully even help those that are coming to terms with their new life. It’s scary, it’s life altering but it is beautiful and wondrous. But you are not alone. So long as I have a blog and people want to read my rantings, you are not alone.


6 thoughts on “The First Steps Into The Night

  1. You seem to me to be speaking from my own heart, if not my own mind, so yes, have shown to be worthy of the title in my eyes.

    I appreciate anyone who makes me think on a deeper level, and I am grateful to you and whoever inspired you to write and share such experiences, for your mind is beautiful and your words justify it’s intricacies. Terrific, and truly inspiring.

    I am here now, and although I’m not much of a follower I am with you in this journey to create a world of understanding and freedom, of desire and primal need.


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