Me, You and Nudity


What is it with nudity?

Can anyone tell me?

I once had a discussion with someone I was living with.
“It’s really hot” they would say — and they were right, it was indeed a warm day.
Do you know my response?
“Hey man, go ahead – you’ve seen one body, you’ve seen them all”
Her response was to blush and shyly say something akin to “you don’t want to see that” and seeing her uncomfortably shift, I let it slide.
But this sort of idea stayed with me — why are we like that? I mean, insecurity is one thing but I don’t think that is entirely the issue. Our parents taught us about nudity, our society taught us about nudity – keep it hidden. As if you’ve got something to be ashamed of.

Another example would be walking around shirtless at my folk’s place whilst enjoying a Christmas holiday and my family reacted even to that site. It was amusing to me because in my mind, I was doing no wrong. Call it me being young, them being old but what is it with nudity?

We’re all beautiful. You, me – our neighbours. And this extends further into Nudists and Nude Colonies and Nude Beaches. But even then, it seems these people are few and far between. People are uncomfortable with themselves and their bodies and more often than not, its these people I come into contact with.

Its sexualised, yes. We find nude people super attractive, fair enough. But what if I want to walk around naked and it so happens people are at my home? Watch their nose turn up when I mention walking around naked. Stop thinking of me sexually – I don’t. I am just comfortable.

And lastly, the reason I bring all this up is one method I have with my submissive is to have her do her activities – her daily journal, her mantra – absolutely naked. This is because I want her to get used to living in her own skin naked. I want her to feel the gentle breeze skim across her nipples. I want her to feel sexy. More than anything, I want her to feel confident because she doesn’t. For whatever reason, be it society telling you what’s attractive or what, she doesn’t. I think we all need to practice being comfortable in our own skin and that others should exercise it a bit more.

EXHIBITIONISM seems like it can be a useful tool in this regard. Myself, I haven’t found the opportunity to seek out that task. Life gets busy and you forget to take charge.
I feel this activity, provided its practiced safely, can be liberating to the insecure person. Maybe we all need to try it out a bit more.

Somewhere along the lines, some of us have lost that confidence and I just hope in time we can rebuild it back up.


2 thoughts on “Me, You and Nudity

  1. I feel that naked can mean many things, raw, transparent, vulnerable, free, unashamed, truthful, honest & beautiful. I always have to have naked time.


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