I Am Watching

I am standing outside your window


Watching you peel up your favourite pair of panties. They fit snugly around your delicious ass.

I am watching you stand before your full length mirror, gazing at your breasts as they heave with every breath. Why do you hesitate?
You bend down and open a drawer, your tight panties reveal the curves of your ass. My mouth waters. You pull out a bra – lacy and black – and start to pull it on. Then follows a loose light blue top. Then you leave the bedroom.

I wait till dark. You come back to the bedroom, slink off your clothing, your nude body is divine against the backdrop of this sunset. You turn out the light.
Minutes later, you softly snore. It is time.
I sneak to the backdoor, left ajar. Creep up the stairs, like a shadow in the moonlight.
Your bedroom door swings open thanks to a gentle breeze.

I glide into your bedroom

over you..

You stir. And that’s when you see me. You start to squeal. But I hold you down by the throat and roughly force you up on your hands and knees. You squirm. Oh my, how you squirm. But I hold you tight. You still wiggle – you try to throw a punch but i have you tight and when you know it’s too late, you give up. Suddenly, you’re more still. Your knees prop up, your ass is raised.
Your cunt glistens in the moonlight. You are aroused, my my!
I grip your hips, tug the fuck out of your hair and slide myself in..

you gasp in the darkness..a small, strained and guttural moan.

I watch you love it.


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