I need breathless shower sex. The panting, the scalding water trickling down our bodies amplifying the sensations we feel. I need a pet to wrap my hands around. I’d grip her hips and scratch down her back. A person who I can use as a toy, pumping myself into. Like the cliche, you know? Warm butter – I just want to slip into her and hear her struggle to breathe. Those delicious guttural moans.
I want to come, shooting my warm load in thick spurts up her back. I want to feel her react to my come hitting her bare skin.

And as I come down from my orgasm, I want to kneel before this magnificent woman who has given herself to me – the greatest gift I could ask for – and I want to devour her. Feast upon her. I want to feel her hands grip my hair, I want to hear her scream.
I want to look up at her, her eyes closed, her hands brutalising those poor nipples of hers.
I don’t care about the water that would hit my face, stinging my cheeks because I need to eat her out like I need air to breathe.
My reward would be feeling her come spurt, gush, run across my face.
And then we would wash off again and step silently into the bedroom.
Maybe another time, I’d go again with her but right now, I just want to pull her into a cuddle and treat her like the princess she deserves to feel like. Maybe we’d fall asleep in a cuddle. That’d be nice.


3 thoughts on “Breathless

      1. You are welcome. There is no competition though, we each are unique and have our own talents that are appreciated.
        It was really nice getting feedback from someone who isn’t biased about my writing, thank you again!


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