The symbolism of the collar

The symbolism of the collar appeals to me in so many ways that I could spend hours talking about it.
The sheer depth to this discussion takes a while to process, simply due to what it means and how the symbolism of it can transform both parties.
I can’t speak for the submissive of course, so I’ll talk about my feelings briefly, so you all can read this and go on with your lives.

I don’t know why and I don’t know how but it just came to me — the idea of enjoying collaring someone. It’s beautiful and intense and fills me with a warmth and giddiness. To be that close to someone to grow towards that status — it’s just incredible.

I feel an ownership. She’s mine. She belongs to me. Her body, mind and soul belong to ME. I take care of her now. Not only has it been a thrill to see my submissive wear her collar when she checks into her daily task by photographing herself but it’s a thrill to have her stand before me naked wearing but her collar – the one I gave to her.

It satisfies a part of me that had that terrible yearning for something more. That destructive force that made me realise how much I needed to be in a D/s relationship. I won’t go into that terrible longing unless a reader writes in genuinely interested in learning that aspect that has formed me. But anyway, the collar is a spiritual symbol for me. That the soul of another has submitted to me. In turn, it calmed the storm inside me – the beast that was raging because it didn’t have a constant, the yin to my yang, the submissive to my beastly Dom. Hell, the Joey to my Dawson – or Pacey, if you’d rather. The point was my soul cries out for that aspect. Like a driving force. I’m unbalanced without that. Without that display of ownership – like a vow almost, really. It’s something so simple to the outsider but when I may be out with that submissive, when we are at a vanilla gathering and she’s wearing her collar, maybe I might feel relaxed, fulfilled and at ease. I can’t explain it, just like a submissive might not be able to explain it – but I’ve tried. Hopefully I’ve shed some light for some of you.


6 thoughts on “The symbolism of the collar

  1. I think there’s something primal and known deep, deep down by all that we all yearn for such trust and devotion of another’s desire and satisfaction through our own…tastes.

    I think, no matter where you stand on the scales of dominance and submission, power, control, and trust and loyalty, if you’re being truthful to yourself in your growth to find clarity and know your self, your true self, you can understand this pull towards the darkness… as we all put it. And you do put it so well. Thank you for your openness in sharing your experience for the greater knowledge and improvement of people’s lives and humanity as a whole, if I may be so bold as to say.

    We are indeed fighting the same fight, Sir.


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    1. I’ve been re reading this because there’s something so powerful about your words that have resonated with me on a deep level. It moves me that you speak so passionately of this and then of highly of me. Enough so that you consider me worthy of the title ‘Sir’. Thankyou, miss.

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